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The Walls Are Bleeding and Everybody Is Happy

by Charlie Schultz
The opening day at the Nada Art Fair, hosted by the Deauville Hotel, was buzzing with a festive hum, and it wasn’t just because there was free beer in the lobby. Divided into two segments, one for galleries displaying groups of artists and another for solo showcases, the fair opened for VIPs at ten a.m., invited in the general public (free of charge) around noon, and by eight p.m. the ushers were at pains to get everyone out. Scott Murray of Twenty-Twenty Projets, a local gallery that was... [more]
Posted by Charlie Schultz on 12/6/09

Rain or Shine The Art Is FIne: Interview with Natalie Karg

by Charlie Schultz
About ninety percent of the artwork for sale at the multifarious Miami Basel art fairs do not do well in the rain. Nature may have been an inspirational starting point, but the natural elements are bad news. Rain is damaging, the sun is damaging, the wind is dangerous; sand or dirt of any kind around these precious artworks will give even the coolest dealer a fast case of the howling fantods. I’d started to take these facts for granted until I chanced upon Cumulus Studios, situated out on... [more]
Posted by Charlie Schultz on 12/20/09


The Visions Come contextualizes the artist as an unconventional, independent observer and messenger of his surroundings. The artists of this exhibition edit, transcribe, dissect, repeat and erase imagery from popular culture, news, and history. ----------------------------- Lee Ranaldo's drawings and paintings on paper are based on photographs from newspapers and postcards. By divorcing them from their original context, these artworks become loose elements of time, culture and memory. Ranaldo... [more]
Posted by Jan B. Van Woensel on 4/28/08