Wild FEASTIES @ Verge Miami

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Wild Feasties: last supper, Brooklyn, NY 2009
Wild FEASTIES @ Verge Miami
Curated by: Dan Cameron

1732 Collins Ave
Miami Beach , FL
December 3rd, 2009 - December 3rd, 2009
Opening: December 3rd, 2009 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

miami beach
food, interactive-art, participatory, installation, performance


Wild Feasties is a loose collective of artists and naturalists who all engage with food within their creative endeavors. These endeavors may take place in the studio, in the kitchen, or out in the world. Through our events, we aim for our guests to have an artful food experience; one that stirs the senses, both literally and figuratively. Our cuisine is typically simple, with an emphasis on celebrating the incredible taste of farm fresh vegetables. Wild Feasties events emerge from the location upon which they are set. The menu is determined entirely by what the harvest brings.


At Verge, Miami the Wild Feasties presents a dining experience in an unusual location, using whole food ingredients, where participants are asked to engage and follow a series of instructions and ritual to share a delectable vegetarian meal. Wild Feasties uses the routine of eating as a way of inserting instruction, interactivity, natural foods education, wild food concocting, tasting, experimenting with taste, seasoning with potions, and bringing a sense of true nourishment in a moment of chaotic artistic social affairs.



Verge is an international platform for the most exciting and interesting in new and emerging art. Verge exists to establish boundaries of the extraordinary as a counter to the natural compulsion towards stagnation in the way art is evaluated and delivered to the public. Staying true to this necessary state for the advancement of art requires a sustained focus on the best new ideas and practices of those marginal or newly emerging to international art audiences. The satisfaction of this fixed requirement for a healthy and competitive artistic culture is at the core of Verge as an international exposition of the highest quality artistic production and the galleries, museums and audiences who sustain it.