Affiliated: The Art of the Urban Experience

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Affiliated: The Art of the Urban Experience

130 NW 24th Street
Miami, Florida 33127
December 3rd, 2013 - January 11th, 2014
Opening: December 8th, 2013 4:00 PM - 9:00 PM

wynwood district
Tuesday-Saturday 11am to 6pm


(Wywnood Arts District- Miami, FL) – Brisky Gallery Miami is proud to present Affiliated: The Art of the Urban Experience; an exhibition curated by Luis Valle, Brisky Gallery’s Director in collaboration with Jesse Henderson. The show will reflect a diverse approach at creating work influenced by urban settings.

The exhibit will feature works by over 20 artists local, national and international. It will include a large yet cohesive range of work from painting, drawings, photography, sculpture and new media. “Affiliated”, is a result of the current movement in art, which reflects on the urban experience.

Many urban, street, muralist and as well as fine artists rely on certain affiliations in order to succeed and accomplish their goals. Whether they are traveling to a new city and need someone to show them around or maybe they need to locate a wall to paint, artist use their affiliations to get the job done. Artists are affiliated but not limited only to by crews, peers, countries, medium, sponsors, galleries and friends. Without this an artist job is much more difficult. This also reflects on the old saying, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” Every connection leads to a new adventure and is part of the process of the artist’s creation.

This exhibit brings to Miami a solid lineup of artists who have a diverse background of both urban and fine artwork. Each artist is well known in their respective circles yet somehow were all affiliated by a different source.

Brisky Gallery Miami is proud to present the following artists:

James Rizzi, born and raised in New York, has turned his childlike imagination into artistic powers to transforming the city itself into something wonderfully original. His large panorama of Urban life are teeming with energy and life, reflecting all the diversity and human variety that is at the core on New York. There is not "mean" streets but uproariously happy ones, where children jump rope, shoot baskets and walk their dogs. If the sidewalks belong to the young people, grown ups, especially men, are imprisoned inside an army of automobiles. The vehicles are as diverse as and crazily idiosyncratic as the people who drive them.
Mr. Rizzi’s creations included images for German postage stamps and a tourist guide to New York published this year. He was the official artist for the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland and soccer’s World Cup in France.

Ewen Gur

French artist Ewen Gur was born in a french-german family in Ambilly (Haute-Savoie, France) and grew up in the surroundings of Tours (Indre-et-Loire, France). His artistic style is influenced by street art and comics. The characters in his work are sketched with black outlines, their torsos are mostly oversized and his paintings never lack humour. He is interested in new forms of figurative expressions. His line is soft and effective and he focuses on dynamism.

Alex Yanes

A son of the city, his story is influenced by his Cuban roots and an ever-growing curiosity about all the things Miami had to offer him during the 80's and 90's. Yanes' work is the result of years spent immersed in skateboard, tattoo, hip-hop and rock culture during his teenage years, but says he felt the stirrings of creativity at a youngage.


Born in Santiago, Chile, Claudio Picasso moved to Miami with his mother at the age of two. By age 16, his compositions as CP1 began surging through Miami streets and his murals graced the walls of private residences, local offices and his high school. Soon after graduating high school, Claudio would expand his repertoire in the School of Art and Art History at Florida International University, delving into every medium he could. A Masterʼs degree in Education would soon follow. After working in sculpture, photography, printmaking, and digital art, Claudio found himself returning to charcoaland spray paint as his preferred mediums.

Diana Contreras
Born in Chiclayo, Peru in 1981 and grew up in Miami, Florida, Contreras has established herself as a true Miami artist. From painting murals in Miami’s street art scene, to exhibiting her art in various galleries, her work has been seen in exhibitions and private collections in the United States and abroad.


Abstrk is a Miami based artist who has built a platform with graffiti and street art/ murals. His 2-d and 3-d works portray the texture and surface of painting on abandoned structures, bringing them into a controlled and confined space allows them to be appreciated for their imperfections and appeal . His work is influenced by his Cuban heritage, Pop culture and childhood memories that molded his imagination. Being a first Generation Cuban American , he feels its important to Immortalized the forgotten History of his xisled elders with his work.

Jose Mertz

" Jose Mertz is an artist / image maker / graphic designer based in Miami, Fl. His creative area of interest is traditional drawing, painting as well as digital design. He focuses on pushing an experimental style with inspirations coming from Ancient Civilizations, Natural Elements, Eastern Philosophy, Dreams, Myth & the Super Natural."

Ray Mantella

Ray Mantella is a Canadian artist and photographer whose passion for creating only gets stronger as time passes. His traversing of all art is boundless and heated.
He explores mediums such as glass blowing, paper mache, resins and concrete. Creating humanlike figures from shredded magazines and newspapers, symbolizing that once we absorb information it never leaves us. Ray uses materials that humans waste to create broken mirror images of ourselves.

Tatiana Blanco

Tatiana Blanco is a multi-media artist and sculptor. She was born in San Jose, Costa Rica in 1984. As an international artist she divides her time between Miami, Puerto Rico, and Switzerland. She describes her sculptures as a fusion of classical training and modern awareness, handling an array of materials with contemporary hand. The goal of her current work is to demonstrate the universal interconnectedness between living beings. Her works are in corporate and private collections across the U.S. and abroad, and have been included in numerous publications.

Eric Cloutier

Eric D Cloutier is a Miami based 3d artist originally from Boston, Massachusetts. Using material such as plaster, automotive paint and LED lights Eric shapes and forms his work into beautiful movements. His work can be found in high end restaurants, clubs and homes. In recent years Eric has been making his way into the gallery world with a distinct style uniquely his.

Reinier Gamboa

Reinier Gamboa is a fine artist whose work is visual poetry. The artist weaves several narratives into a patchwork of experience as he’s guided by intuition down paths that reveal themselves in the moment. Each painting is the layered accomplice of time and a testament of personal introspection. The end result is a journal of process

Alissa Christine

Alissa Christine, a Brazilian-American visionary artist, author, speaker and healer, channels the essence of beauty in her work and draws inspiration from the simple joys of life. Her latest project, "i love miami 365", is a year-long photo documentary book reflecting life through the lens of an artist filled with gratitude for the place she calls home. The process was a meditative exercise utilizing the art of photography as a method to celebrate life everyday, at any given moment.

Yok and Sheryo

Kingbrown Magazine founder The Yok along with his painting collaborator Sheryo are New York staples in both the street and gallery scene. With a large collection of murals throughout the world and successful showing at Krause Gallery they continue to amass a large collector base.


Philly based artist Nosego has shown with high profile galleries including Unit 44, 1xRun, Thinkspace. HIs last few shows have been very successful and demand has only increased for his work. His painting and illustration are as meticulously intricate as his murals and installations.

Sen 2

A founding member of A Dying Breed NYC, Sen2 has been working in the streets for decades and has taken the last year to transition into the gallery world.


Generating tremendous buzz in Brooklyn for the last year with his street work and iconic typography styles, DEPS has made the transition into the gallery with his first solo show with POPUP NY this year and continues to keep the proper balance between both worlds. Transforming both new and found objects into multimedia works, DEPS exploration of street typography melded with abstraction continues to be well received by his peers and collectors alike.

Woes Martin

Woes Martin Aaron “Angry Woebots” Martin founded the Army of Snipers collective in 2009, and has been spreading his talents around various platforms including street and commissioned murals, customized sculptures and maintains a high profile in the urban vinyl toy market with his King Panda figure and multiple Dunny editions with Kidrobot.


As the assistant to Doze Green, Ian has gained valuable skills throughout his career and most recently celebrated sold out editions with 1xRun. Producing beautiful hand cut multimedia works, Ian recently participated in the Future is Now exhibit at the Highline Loft in NY and is preparing for his residency and exhibition at the De Young Museum in early 2014.


Creating art in public spaces throughout the world, Overunder also runs The Big Little artist residency in Reno, NV. His latest work can be seen in Mexico City, Living Walls and Open Walls Baltimore.


Typified by incorporating characters into his tags and graffiti pieces, Bishop203 is known for navigating the depths of his own emotions by creating characters whos hearts were cut out and ideas superimposed in the space surrounding them. When he is not creating his own work, Bishop203 is busy exhibiting the works of others through his gallery, Low Brow Artique.

Smog One

A lifetime artist, is one of Florida's finest graffiti artists, well known on the Miami scene for his impressive 3D style and life-like detail. Diversified on his platforms, he uses graffiti (murals), canvas, blackbook sketches and sculpture to showcase his work. Smog is also an accomplished tattoo artist, his work has won multiple awards and he has been included in various (print and online) publications. Smog was born and raised in Paris, France and currently resides in South Florida.


Fabricio Medrano “FABER”. Lima Peru 1980. Studied Art with a major in Graphic Design in the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (la Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru) and has almost ten years experience in graffiti art. He paints independently and he has exhibited collectively in galleries and urban art events since 2008, in Argentina and Peru. He has been a muralist and exhibitor in the group show of urban art “Living Walls, the city Speaks” in Atlanta, United States, in 2010. He did his first individual exhibition in the “Le Carrre d Art” gallery from the French Alliance in Lima in 2012, and recently formed part of a collective exhibition “Comparaisons 2012” organized by the Museum “Grand Palais” (Grand Palace) in Paris, France.

Entes y Pesimo

The artists, ENTES&PESIMO work independently since 1998 and collectively since the year 2000. Considered pioneers of Street Art in Lima, both are founding members of DMJC, the country’s first graffiti activist group. Predominantly influenced by the social, cultural and political environment, over the past ten years, both artists’ treatments of multidisciplinary techniques reveal an insightful research of marginal and clandestine societies and purpose to reflect their perspective of the latent social and racial discrimination of minority groups inside the city of Lima.

Yatika Starr Fields

Originally from Stillwater, Oklahoma Yatika Starr Fields (Cherokee, Creek and Osage) is a standout among young Native painters. Living and working in New York City, his work is a vibrant and surreal fusion of Native imagery with pop and graffiti aesthetic. His art has been showcased in numerous galleries worldwide (New Mexico, New York, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Oklahoma, Florida, France and Spain).

Ian Kuali

As the assistant to Doze Green, Ian has gained valuable skills throughout his career and most recently celebrated sold out editions with 1 x run. Producing beautiful hand cut multimedia works, Ian recently participated in the Future is Now exhibit at the Highline Loft in NY and is preparing for his residency and exhibition at the De Young Museum in early 2014.

*Opening reception December 3, at 7PM.

**Art Basel Reception Saturday December 7th at 7pm.

***Brisky BBQ, Sunday Dec. 8th 4-9pm