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82 X 82 Inch © Courtesy of the Artist and The Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum

10975 SW 17th Street
Miami, FL 33199
April 3rd, 2013 - August 30th, 2013

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Tuesday- Saturday: 10am-5pm Sunday: noon - 5 pm


MIAMI, FL (April 5, 2013)-The commitment of Robert Einbeck, a French-born artist, is to raise gun violence awareness through his unique art.  That art, consisting of 12, 82 x 82 inch paintings depicting the cylinder of a revolver handgun in various contrasting colors, is entitled Bang!, and is now on display at the Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum at FIU, and will remain through August 30, 2013.

Einbeck’s objective is the spiritual expansion and the construction of a world turned toward its own blossoming. While, at first blush, the very recognizable depiction of the cylinder of a gun might seem to work at cross purposes with Einbeck’s stated message, he sees it differently. “If the view of the cylinder of a revolver is disturbing, its form here is not embedded in the weapon, but is found in an unusual multiplicity of contrasts, colors, lights, and spaces. Thus its visual approach is thereby transformed. The object wants to probe the forms of violence inherent in our existence and the murderous aggressions of the world. Thus, freed from its homicidal rigidity that it acquired over time, the pictorial image may appear to convey a new inner energy. Rehabilitated, it extricates itself from the shadows to move into a place of questioning. The archetype is condensed into spiritual energy and is offered as an object of serenity.” He goes on to say that, “It is my intention to lead the viewer to a state of awareness, so that the new symbolism connected to a process of introspection will cause his apprehension to topple and, instead, be led toward an inspiration.”

The canvases on display at the Frost represent only a fraction of the work Einbeck will be producing over the next 5 to 6 years; over that period, he plans to paint 360 canvases as images of awareness and contemplation, which will be distributed throughout the world, finding permanent places in museums and public institutions.

Bang! comes at a time when the awareness of gun violence is running very high in the United States and, following the example of Picasso’s Guernica, or of Goya’s May 3rd, 1808, Einbeck seeks to memorialize tragedy, in this case the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, to leave an artistic mark “post hominem memoriam” of questioning and reflection by creating 26 paintings, each one dedicated to one of the victims.

For further information, visit Einbeck’s web site