Exploring the Beauty

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Golden Fern Glade, 2011 Oil On Canvas 20x24 © Carin Wagner
Loxahatchee Evening, 2011 Oil On Canvas 24x36 © Carin Wagner
Dead Trees Grow No New Leaves II, 2012 Oil On Canvas 30x30 © Carin Wagner
Dead Trees Grow No New Leaves, 2012 Oil On Canvas 30x30
Exploring the Beauty
Curated by: Amy Stepper

Lobby 10500 North Military Trail
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410
April 2nd, 2012 - May 31st, 2012

Other (outside main areas)
Monday - Friday, 9 -5
luminous realism realism, landscape, figurative


Treasure our resources, take care of our planet.

In this new series the veins of the leaf and the branches of the tree are intertwined with the red of the veins symbolizing life blood. The use of the square canvas is indicative of our need for order, while nature rarely presents itself with perfect symmetry. The circular brain like quality of the sea grape leaf addresses the cyclical aspect of nature. Brittle dead tree roots are juxtaposed with the illuminated supple leaf.


 Another series exploring the way light affects the way we perceive an individual plant or tree. A tree bathed in the soft light of twilight is quite different from a tree at noon. A single flower in the morning light is more mysterious than a profusion of flowers in broad daylight. A leaf becomes jewel-like with the golden light of late afternoon shining through.


As an artist I capture each flower and leaf at its most magnificent moment. Taking great care with the fine details takes considerably more time than an impressionistic approach, but I feel it is the only way to do sufficient justice to these incredible gifts of nature.” 


 Carin’s  work has been showcased in numerous publications and shown in many Florida galleries. Two time Art Slant Showcase winner, she has also won the People’s Choice award and the Mahlon Klein award of excellence at recent landscape exhibits at The Lighthouse Art Center and Museum.. Her work was included in 5 shows at the Sherry French Gallery in New York and The Lawrence Gallery in Scottsdale Az She has been included in exhibits at the Ft. Lauderdale Museum of Art and the Boca Raton Museum of Art.