Twice upon a Time…

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Two Birds in a Cage, 2010 Mixed Media On Canvas 54" X 98" © Isabel Brinck and Laura Villarreal
Twice upon a Time…
Curated by: NINA TORRES

Miami, Florida 33132
November 13th, 2010 - November 28th, 2010
Opening: November 13th, 2010 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM

design district
mixed-media, conceptual, figurative, modern
Free and open to the public


Twice upon a Time… is a story. The story of our daily lives taken into the realm of painting.

A story presented as the catalyst of ideas and feelings, reminding us that where ever we are, we live in the same surreal world, a world full of fantasies. By using words for evidencing our existence, and painting as the medium to present them we unveil this wonderful relationship between words and images. The result is an analog work in which borders are crossed between disciplines by taking painting into the space possessed by video and iconography bordering the line between drawing and painting.

Twice upon a Time… is a dynamic project, a collaboration between two artists, two women and two human beings. Each one of us begins a story and transfers this idea into the canvas. The second one gives the story an end, and completes the piece started by the first artist. This process continues until all the pieces are completed.

By working this way, we are nourished by each other’s ideas and creativity and this gets us into an imaginary game that plays in another realm of reality.

Our intention is to show a world without frontiers, an imaginary world where we seek to enclose in a few words, our vision of a real and transcendent world. In Twice upon a Time…, each of us has her own vision of how the story will end, but when the other one intervenes the story with her own experiences, the story has an unimaginable ending.

Not knowing how the story will end, or the path that the painting will take by letting another soul imprint her visions, fulfills the purpose of letting the ego and the wanting of control that is inherent in human nature.

From her inside, Isabel Brinck shows us through her work, a world of fantasy, where her dreams and creatures appeal to her childhood innocence, getting in touch with the freedom of being a child once again.

At the same time, Laura Villarreal looks from her inside out, grasps reality and returns to her inside to process the images of her daily life. Giving as a result an urban vision plagued of imaginary beings that come to life in her imaginary world but retain the essence of real human beings.

The unification of two worlds, those of two women, that within their enormous amount of convergences y divergences find common ground in the story that comes to life as painting.

Two women, two souls, two scenarios, two nationalities, two stories, two worlds, two realities, two ways of making art and all this comes together in one majestic story that never comes to an end: Twice upon a Time…