David Castillo Gallery is pleased to present "Chained to a C reature of a Different Kingdom" curated by Annie Wharton\, including video works by Skip Arnold\, Angela Dufresne\, aaron GM\, Kate Gilmore\, Ann Ham ilton\, Micol Hebron\, Dawn Kasper\, Susan Lee-Chun\, Marilyn Minter\, Sha na Moulton\, Ali Prosch\, Yvonne Rainer\, Pipilotti Rist\, Jimmy Joe Roche \, and Mark Verabioff.

The body is a precarious vehicle that propels us around the earth\, sometimes at speeds defying logic. Artists i n all genres have utilized the body as a subject matter since the beginnin g of art-making. In "Chained to a Creature of a Different Kingdom" the wor ks of 15 video artists who use their bodies and actions as their main subj ect are assembled. The show's title is derived from a quote by Marcel Prou st\, "It is in moments of illness that we are compelled to recognize that we live not alone but chained to a creature of a different kingdom\, whole worlds apart\, who has no knowledge of us and by whom it is impossible to make ourselves understood: our body" -- and many of the body-based\, tim e-based works within the exhibition beautifully straddle the creative line between madness/"illness" and brilliance.

An exhibition of co rporeal\, temporal works\, the idea of "Chained to a Creature of a Differe nt Kingdom" was fueled both by a recent conflagration of performances and performative video works being made\, and a dearth of international video exhibitions. The exhibition juxtaposes the extremely physical video works of Skip Arnold\, Dawn Kasper\, and Ali Prosch with the more narrative ones of Ann Hamilton\, Micol Hebron\, and Shana Moulton. Humor is a key compon ent to both aaron GM and Angela Dufresne's work\, which quirkily contrast the abstract\, non sequitur nature of works made by Jimmy Joe Roche\, Mari lyn Minter\, and Pipilotti Rist. References to popular culture can be foun d in the "music video" of Mark Verabioff\, an ersatz theatre ovation by Ka te Gilmore\, faux aerobic exercise tapes by Susan Lee-Chun\, and a modern dance work by Yvonne Rainer. From humorous to political to surreal to phys ical\, the artists in the show run the gamut of works being made in the ge nre of action-based video art today.

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