The result of a collaboration between the Committee of 100 for Tibet and the Dalai Lama Foundation. We se e this project as a unique opportunity to explore the idea of art as an int erpretation of\, and a catalyst for peace. Through the artist's work\, we a lso hope to broaden appreciation for the Dalai Lama and the principles he e mbodies. The project and exhibition title is an evocative play on words - p eace will always be elusive\, or missing\, in our world\, but the Dalai Lam a consistently shows that dedicating oneself to peace is anything but point less. The word 'portrait' is used very loosely. Artists were given the free dom to explore the full life of the Dalai Lama\; each 'portrait' was the re sult of personal interpretation.


The Missing Peace explores art as a catalyst for peace and inspires read ers to engage in pursuing peace in their lives\, both personally and in the ir communities by exploring the intersection of creativity\, activism\, and global citizenship.  Eighty-nine artists from around the world have create d their own answers or interpretations about considering the Dalai Lama thr ough unique journeys and belief systems to create visual portraits.  The re sult is a collective tapestry of images\, themes\, and media that mirrors t he many roles the Dalai Lama plays within his world and ours.  The exhibiti on includes work by Laurie  Anderson\, Bill Viola\, Jenny Holzer\, Anish Ka poor\, Chuck Close\, Marina Abramovic\, and Michele Oka Doner\, among other s.

LOCATION:The Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum\,10975 SW 17th Street \nMi ami\, FL 33199 SUMMARY:The Missing Peace: Artists Consider the Dalai Lama\, Marina Abramov ic\, Laurie Anderson\, Chuck Close\, Michele Oka Doner\, Jenny Holzer\, Ani sh Kapoor\, Bill Viola END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR