Art|Basel Miami Beach Edition Featured Artist: Miro Tomarkin

Miro Tomarkin, Grief, 2012, oil on canvas, 51 x 71cm.


Miro Tomarkin

The Growing Poem of Loss

How the years have passed by,
they rush - they fly.
To have had you - makes me glad
to have lost you - sad;
My heart and my soul are aching,
it feels as if it's breaking
I'm told we're waiting not in vain,
one Day I'll see you again
then oh G_d I will rejoice
and thank you with my Voice
G_d please let it be true !
And late into the night I lay wake,
of Pain my heart is 'bout to break
but time feels like a curse,
the longer ago it feels worse!
It stings like being stabbed by a thorn
to think of the loss of my lovely Firstborn.
It ribbed in the heart a big great hole,
my innermost being will not console
in sadness my back is bent
before it begun it had to end