Art|Basel Miami Beach Edition Featured Artist: DoubleDiamond Hard

DoubleDiamond Hard, Hawaiian, 2012, iPad Painting - Gloss Digital Print w/ Matte Laminate, 63 x 84cm.


DoubleDiamond Hard

Sally Wright (AKA DoubleDiamond Hard) makes work on iPad. Each work is a result of hours of careful layering using colour and line, with special attention paid to composition and depth. The image is then digitally printed, enlarged and preserved as a matte laminated painting to maximise the depth of colour. Bizarre and sometimes malevolent beings emerge from a deep black seaspace horror world in DoubleDiamond Hard’s most prominent works.

Sally has shown her work under this pseudonym at The Other Art Fair in London. She trained as an illustrator at the Manchester Metropolitan University, and received her MA in Artist Teachers and Contemporary Practices at the University of Goldsmiths, London. Sally now resides in sunny Devon in the South-West of England, juggling her two aliases, Miss Wright and DoubleDiamond Hard. For more information please visit