"Art Bastard: The Journey of Robert Cenedella" -- Art World Outsider Gets a Movie Deal

Art Bastard (2016) is a visual feast, a documentary on Robert Cenedella, a subversive and provocative artist, as he calls what he does "satirical painting," a figurative painting style he developed as a protégé of German artist George Grosz, his teacher at the Art Students League in New York. Like the prankster-artist Ray Johnson, Cenedella admits his politically incorrect pranks started early. In high school, he says “I wrote an article on the atom bomb drills… I felt a need to write this because the atom bomb drills were so stupid.” These exercises we... [more]
Posted by URI DOWBENKO on 10/29/16

So-Called "Artist" Laura Lima Is One Sick Puppy

(JULY 2016) MIAMI INSTITUTE OF CONTEMPORARY ART (sic sic sic) -- So when is "art" not art? When it's a cynical publicity stunt masquerading as "art." Take for example Laura Lima, who claims to be a performance artist. However she didn’t want to stick a cord up her vagina for her "art" – so she hired some Craigslist slave-labor girls to do it for her. However -- they didn’t think it was cool at all… and they publicly said so This was first reported by the Miami New Times -- [more]
Posted by URI DOWBENKO on 7/9/16

Most Art In the New Whitney Museum Sucks

"If it commands attention, it's Culture. If it matches the sofa, it’s Art.” -- Artist Robert Williams So let us begin by paraphrasing those Coagula Bad Boys Mat Gleason and Charlie Finch with this review of the New Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City. Or, let’s say -- like they do in L.A. -- 25 words or less -- Fugly Building. Fugly Art. Crashing the Whitney on FREE day Saturday May 2, 2015 was as fun as it could be. Seeing a line of people snake around the building, a line that stretched about 3 blocks long, I made a... [more]
Posted by URI DOWBENKO on 5/27/15

Steven Gagnon Subverts Iconography of American Empire

Dissident Art, which critiques the Ruling Class’s perfidies and crimes against humanity -- whether in Hitler’s Germany, Stalin’s Soviet Union or Clinton/ Bush/ Obama’s America, has a long and significant role in western art history. What comes to mind? George Grosz. Picasso’s Guernica. Goya’s Saturn Devouring His Children. Banksy’s Fuck the Police. In today’s N.S.S.A. or National Security States of America, a/k/a the American Empire, Steven Gagnon’s work may be considered Dissident Art, since it is simply an in-your-face commentary on t... [more]
Posted by URI DOWBENKO on 6/29/12