The Quintessence of Up

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The Quintessence of Up

acrylic on canvas
70 x 48 x 0 inches
© all rights reserved

Price: $15000.00

My primary “vehicle” of expression over the years has been an on-going Series of prints and paintings titled "GNOMEGAME". It's guiding CONCEPT relates to the revelation and personification of universal human attitudes ranging from foibles to the darker edges of human nature. My awareness of the particular "attitude" being manifested on the picture plane usually crystallizes as the work unfolds. That is, I don't preconceive.  Perhaps this approach is the result of my early years as an Abstract-Expressionist. I have the greatest faith in intuition and the truth it generates. THE BIRTH OF GNOMEGAME came after a gradual epiphany I had around 1960. Until then, my passion and mode of expression was abstract expressionism (along with most of the younger artists of the time.) However, during "informal social gatherings" at various local watering holes, I would constantly scrawl small gestural figure scribbles on bar napkins (a lot of bar napkins) while casual conversation went on. On leaving, I would jam them in my pockets. When I returned to my studio, I would empty those pockets on a utility table and think nothing about them after that. There came a point where they had accumulated to an uncontrollable degree so I started to dispose of them. Before doing so, I decided to take one last look at what I had previously thought were just doodles. Then it suddenly hit me... Could this be my Form? ...AND IT WAS.

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The Quintessence of Up
acrylic on canvas
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70 x 48 x 0 inches
all rights reserved
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Selected as part of the Fantasy & Surrealism Curation Category
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