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Viewfinder Photography Gallery
United Kingdom
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Since the first exhibition in November 2005, the Viewfinder has devised and programmed 65+ photography-based exhibitions to provoke and expand  image making and discussion and 50+ workshops and events to engage the  community.

The main activities of the Viewfinder Photography Gallery include:
  • Exhibitions of both emerging and established photographers
  • Workshops (for adults, children and school/university groups)
  • Outreach programme
  • Providing an online home for art photography through this website
The Viewfinder is radically changing its approach to hosting exhibitions and events. Closing the physical gallery in May 2011 offers  exciting opportunities: expanding and building on our innovative events programme, curating occasional pop-up exhibitions in a range of exciting venues, and developing a leading website to provide an online home for art photography.
We launched a new website in September 2011, which will become a focal point for appreciating and enjoying art photography. We will bring web visitors video-tours of other exhibitions they may not be able to visit in person, interviews with exhibitors and curators, news and information about not just the Viewfinder but also other photography galleries, events and festivals.
Please let us know what you think of the new website, and any photography events or information you think we should feature!
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