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The Alchemy of Iconography

by Marianne Templeton
Collage is a mechanism for quietly splitting apart the world and putting it back together again. As a disturbance of the existing order of things, it is at core a political act; yet in today's era of cultural fragmentation, its minor disruptions lack the shock value or biting satire characteristic of the medium in its Modernist heyday. Collage is now a defining condition of our sensory realm, and although we can still at times be taken unawares by its violent undercurrents, they no longer have the power to sweep us away and confuse our bearings. Happily, The Unethical Anthropologist makes no d... [more]
Posted by Marianne Templeton on 9/23/12

Language and Surfaces @ Fold Gallery's Unrelated Oxides

The month of August for London is the holiday month for London in regards to art. Not so in Hackney.  A group exhibition at Fold Gallery this month curated by three artists that are also in the exhibition. As far as summer exhibitions go this is set up for a bland, over-hanged space with absolutely no room was made for cohesion. It was a surprise that Unrelated Oxides exemplified a focus in a group exhibition. The premise of the exhibition is a correlation with a quote, by Sebastian Faulks, that describes a literary space that is defined by its contents. Language as a material surface was evi... [more]
Posted by greyblatons on 8/10/09