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Here, There, and Everywhere.

by Fred Paginton
You might easily have missed JR’s latest cityscape takeover of London—surprising, given that the French photographer seems to have been a continual feature on press releases in the last few years —but rather than out in the open, JR presents his work this time within the guarded walls of Lazarides Gallery. —up until the 13th November—pieces together the various accomplishments that have defined JR’s work throughout the last decade, collating his international socio-photography with an inherent... [more]
Posted by Fred Paginton on 10/31/13

Divisions and Unity

by Daniel Barnes
At the very moment that Israel and Palestine once again make solemn noises about final status negotiations, Tel Aviv-based artist Know Hope opens an examination of the artificial divisions that shape the human condition at Lazarides. The work is not principally about strife in the artist’s homeland, nor would be productive to read it as such. Know Hope’s concerns are further reaching, resonating as they do with an existential crux of loneliness and abandonment in a global community. He is... [more]
Posted by Daniel Barnes on 8/6/13

Grow Up with the Shiny New Lazarides Rathbone

by Chris Osburn
        Grow Up group show at the newly opened Lazarides Rathbone features a stunning list of some of today's hottest names in urban art: Lucy McLauchlan, Invader, Jonathan Yeo, Todd James, David Choe, Antony Micallef, Bast, Charlie Isoe, Vhils, JR, Boogie, Faile, Nicole Mackinlay Hahn, Blu, Polly Morgan, Conor Harrington, Zevs, Mode 2 and Miranda Donovan.  Aside from the fact that Grow Up is a kick ass exhibition chocked full of invigorating works; the show is also an awesome excuse to go... [more]
Posted by Chris Osburn on 5/29/09