Calvert 22

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Sound and Vision

by Marianne Templeton
is an exhibition of codes, distortions, intermedia translations, ruptured communication systems and altered technologies. Tracing a network of Eastern European avant-garde experimentation that was at times alternately cultivated and censored by state powers, the exhibition offers rare access to a body of audio-visual work that reflects both the anarchic spirit of the era and the socio-political realities of life behind the Iron Curtain. Certain key innovations from the first half of the... [more]
Posted by Marianne Templeton on 7/2/13

Contemporary Eastern European Art... Finally

by Jeffrey Andreoni
        I have often seen shows dedicated to Eastern European art that tend to focus too much on the artists’ origins and not enough on the artists themselves or their feelings and sensibilities. It has taken Calvert 22, founded by Nonna Materkova and directed by David Thorp, to host an exhibition that is capable of showing what contemporary Eastern European art is capable of (which is far more than red stars and runway models donning Stalinesque coats). One of the artists, Lily... [more]
Posted by Jeffrey Andreoni on 6/6/10

Past Future Perfect

by Chris Osburn
          Calvert 22, London's first not-for-profit foundation specializing in Russian and Eastern European art, recently opened with , an exhibition which brings together selected works by five of Russia's leading contemporary artists: Alexander Brodsky, Pavel Pepperstein, Haim Sokol, Leonid Tishkov, and Stanislav Volyaslovsky.  Despite differences in style and media, the artists represented in this inaugural exhibition appear to draw inspiration from a common desire to excavate all... [more]
Posted by Chris Osburn on 5/29/09