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Lynch, Burroughs, Warhol: The Holy Trinity of US Subversion

by Philippa Snow
Warhol, Burroughs and Lynch were – for my teenaged self, at least – the Holy Trinity. I recall one early experiment in “literary fiction,” in particular (describing a , maybe-cryptozoological-arm-wrestling-match scenario, or some other such stream-of-consciousness rubbish) succeeding in horrifying my teachers, and ripping off Burroughs and Lynch in equal measure. As a matter of fact, I still describe Bill as my favourite writer; I am still entirely fascinated by Warhol's pink-yellow, electric... [more]
Posted by Philippa Snow on 2/6/14

Guns & Cameras

by Alex Field
Shoot! Existential Photography has at its origins a fairground game that rose to popularity in the post-First World War years. The Photographic Shooting Gallery encouraged participants to shoot a gun at a target with the aim of hitting the bullseye, but whereas usually they would win a prize, in this variant at the centre of the target activated a camera and took a photograph of the shooter, capturing the moment the shot fired. The reward was a photograph of yourself in a situation in which you... [more]
Posted by Alex Field on 11/18/12

View Finder

by David Yu
          One of the charms and curses of living in London is the amount of tourists that flood the city on a day-to-day basis. One cannot move from point a to b without having to navigate an obstacle course of rolling suitcases, slow walking visitors 'taking in the scenery', and -- worst of all -- the sudden-stop amateur photographers. These ‘types’ can be recognized quickly through the gigantic SLR cameras around their necks and their tendency to short stop the entire population of... [more]
Posted by David Yu on 5/8/11

The Family and the Land: Sally Mann

by Gary McLeod | Visual Artist
        Controversy is something that has followed the career of photographer Sally Mann, but looking at the pictures in this trimmed version of a larger touring show, one senses that Mann is very aware of the subjects she sets out to capture. How you respond to the way she presents them depends on whether you wish to play the visual games – games that her children have helped to form. Part of the exhibition centers on a series of intimate portraits of her three young children. Titled... [more]
Posted by Gary McLeod | Visual Artist on 8/1/10

Deutsche Börse Photography Prize '10

For a “leading contemporary” photographic competition deemed “one of the most prominent exhibitions” at this gallery, the experience is decidedly underwhelming.  The nominees may well be worth the £30,000 prize, but the scant offering leaves visitors with little indication why.  With photo-documentaries dominating the line-up, originality has taken a back seat. The series ‘Eleven Blowups’ (‘06) by Sophie Ristelhueber drew interest with its “layers of construction and destruction”, focusing on... [more]
Posted by T Evans on 3/10/10

Deutsche Börse Photography Prize '10 Winner

The “surgically precise images” of Sophie Ristelhueber has won her the 2010 Deutsche Börse Photography Prize.  In a ceremony on 17 March, film director Terry Gilliam presented her with the £30,000 award at The Photographers’ Gallery.  Hailed for “push[ing] the boundaries of the photographic medium”, her 2009 retrospective exhibition in Paris earned the nomination. The annual European competition, now in its 14th year, draws international entries from contemporary photographers.  Considered one... [more]
Posted by T Evans on 3/23/10

Simon Foxton: When You're a Boy at The Photographers' Gallery

        When You’re a Boy celebrates men in fashion photography, specifically the men who create photographs of men. Focusing on the career of a stylist rather than a photographer, this is the first exhibition devoted to the groundbreaking British menswear stylist Simon Foxton, whose career spans the last three decades, a time of profound change in fashion and style photography. Foxton (UK, b.1961) is a leading image-maker of men’s fashion, who has anticipated and defined key shifts in... [more]
Posted by David Yu on 8/23/09

Testing the Limits

by Ashley Vaughan
          Roland Barthes said that in order to tame the Photograph, one must banalize it until it is no longer confronted with an image in which it can mark itself, its scandal, its madness. With its most recent exhibition, The Photographers’ Gallery does just the opposite. asks its artists to test the limits of photography—exploring the mad relations between it and other mediums and the potential of photography to exist between two and three dimensions. The exhibition is an... [more]
Posted by Ashley Vaughan on 5/5/09