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Lu Chunsheng and Jia Aili: Counterpoints, Rivington Place Gallery

by Alex Field
          Counterpoints at the Rivington Place Gallery consists of just four works, but raises many more questions.  Man and machine; which is the dominant force?  In creating machines stronger than ourselves, are we signing up for self-destruction?  Is film the best medium with which to demonstrate the complexity of a combine harvester?  Should artists be allowed to use video cameras if they have nothing productive to say through film? Man versus machine is the uniting theme between Chinese artists Lu Chunsheng and Jia Aili, but they approach the subject from very different per... [more]
Posted by Alex Field on 4/18/10

Shipwrecks and Solitude

by Ashley Vaughan
          Zineb Sedira’s most recent show, Currents of Time, is an intensely aesthetic experience that transports viewers to a coastline in Mauritania through 17 new photographic light box works and a full-room installation. Working with the notions of migration, mobility and displacement, the artist brings to light the plight of the region, carefully balancing beauty and decay, desolation and prosperity. The Mauritanian coastline that Sedira captures, scattered with rusting ships, has become a scrap yard for the world’s shipping industry and a point of departure for migrants seeking a bette... [more]
Posted by Ashley Vaughan on 6/5/09

Liminal: A Question of Position at Rivington Place

by Chris Osburn
        Liminal: A Question of Position brings together more than twenty artists to examine contemporary life in cities.  Through their collection of large scale, interactive installations, the artists make use of digital media to delve into the contemporary urban experience, questioning the physical and cultural positioning of city dwellers. For example, the Che-Guevara John and Philippe Chollet piece Frictions of Distance links Liminal with the French Cultural Centre in Phnom Penh, Cambodia to "explore the issues of hybridity and telepresence". As visitors walk through the Liminal exhibiti... [more]
Posted by Chris Osburn on 3/14/09

The Sawdust Review: Olivier Ruellet and Disinformation and Usurp at Rivington Place

Olivier Ruellet, "Ferro Scape"Disinformation and Usurp, "London Underground"Liminal: A Question of PositionRivington Place11 March - 25 April 09 - M.O. Berger, There are some big ideas here. Probably too big, but the effort is inspirational in itself. Liminal starts with a story - one artist meets another artist, a spark of connection, a gathering of other like-minded artists, a collaboration. The ideas have to do with architecture - the information architecture of digital media, the physical architecture of the city, the cooperative architecture of relationsh... [more]
Posted by SawdustReview on 3/25/09