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ALO: Hail to the Loser, on now at Saatchi Gallery's Print Space

by Char Jansen
Opening this week is a 50-piece exhibition by Italian street artist Alo. Presented at the Saatchi’s gallery’s dedicated print space (a small, windowless room on the lower ground floor), the show is packed with all-new works, mostly originals on found wood – a significant undertaking for an emerging artist working solo – though piled up their individual effect becomes diluted by repetition. Auto-didact Alo came to East London’s fertile streets a few years ago leaving his blocky, graphic... [more]
Posted by Char Jansen on 7/30/14

New Sculpture at the Saatchi Gallery (Part 2)

by David Yu
Buggenhout also had another piece, Eskimo Blues II, where objects where bound by animal hide. The shape of the work was determined by the shrinking of the hide over the objects placed inside. Sterling Ruby’s Kiss Trap Kismet and Roger Hiorns’ Copper Sulphate Chartres & Copper Sulphate Notre-Dame were also dictated into objecthood by external or uncontrolled forces. With Ruby’s work an interior support structure is entirely covered by urethane cascading over the structure. The work is the... [more]
Posted by David Yu on 7/10/11

New Sculpture at the Saatchi Gallery (Part 1)

by David Yu
The title of the exhibition explains it all; it’s a sculpture show. The label on the tin did not lie and we have been served exactly what is expected with The Shape of Things to Come. In this regard it was both strangely satisfying -- reassuring myself of what I know as contemporary sculpture, and slightly disappointing -- nothing surprised me into reevaluating sculpture, objecthood, installation. Though I know that the trajectory of art parameters do not change overnight, if this exhibition is... [more]
Posted by David Yu on 7/10/11

The Empire Strikes Back: India Art Today

Presenting an art survey of another culture which happens to be a large portion of the minority ethnic group in the UK and even larger diaspora is brave, challenging, and much needed. is a rousing effort to introduce and highlight the various innovative, prominent, and mischievous representations and methods of Indian artists producing work today. Profiling the work of 24 Indian artists - five of whom live and work in the UK and USA - we are led on a vast, sometimes macabre, journey of the... [more]
Posted by R Jh on 2/19/10

Abstract America

by Chris Osburn
    Abstract America: New Paintings and Sculpture is not for me, but I have to admit that the Saatchi Gallery’s done a phenomenal job gathering up artwork by the biggest and brightest in contemporary American abstract artists.  As this was my first visit to Saatchi’s swanky digs in Chelsea, I must also mention that the gallery is phenomenal – perhaps even the best venue for viewing art that I’ve ever come across.  Many of the works in the exhibition seemed too clever for my taste, but the... [more]
Posted by Chris Osburn on 8/2/09