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Museum of Everything at Selfridges

by James Cahill
The Museum of Everything, inaugurated in 2009 as a pop-up showcase for "outsider art," has left its usual home in Camden to occupy a specially-created grotto at the heart of Selfridges on Oxford Street. The shop windows are filled with prints and ephemera relating to the show. Inside, over 200 drawings, paintings and objects have been packed into a hotchpotch of low-lit rooms. surveys works from studios around the world for people with developmental impairments (videos of some of them at work... [more]
Posted by James Cahill on 9/5/11

The Museum of Everything

by Mike Tuck
          The Museum of Everything’s third exhibition plays host to the collected paraphernalia and curatorial musings of the godfather of British art, Sir Peter Blake. Long before Pop art was about shopping and commercialism, it was about collecting and curiosity born out of the development of mass spectacle in the 19th Century. Institutions such as the circus, music hall and private museums present a type of pre-history of this type of popular entertainment which provide a rich seam for... [more]
Posted by Mike Tuck on 11/21/10

Escape Down the Rabbit Hole

by Alex Field
        Burrowed in a Primrose Hill side street, The Museum of Everything is a haven from the harsh realities of life.  There are no “masters” here, no YBAs, nothing designed purely to shock or, contrarily, to solely please the eye.  Instead this is a shrine to those forgotten people who made art but were never artists in the conventional sense of the word.  Having opened in October 2009, the Museum offers artists who live, or have lived, on the margins of society a space to exhibit... [more]
Posted by Alex Field on 2/7/10