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Gasworks Yaoi

by Joyce Cronin
        Beyond the diet coke moments of advertising or Sex and the City anecdotes, the female gaze and heterosexual women’s interest in the male body is not something that has successfully embedded itself into contemporary culture and our visual language. While advertising and magazines aimed at women purport to know what it is that women want, female desire and the act of looking remains mysterious territory. Many feminist artists and curators have looked to redressing this, turning the... [more]
Posted by Joyce Cronin on 12/12/10

Hydrarchy: Power and Resistance at Sea

by Joyce Cronin
      The concept of ‘hydrarchy’ used to “designate two related developments of the late seventeenth century: the organisation of the maritime state from above, and the self-organisation of sailors from below” is complex and manifold, as is the current exhibition at Gasworks. Hydrarchy: Power and Resistance at Sea is comprised of a group show, including screenings at Tower 42 in the City, a conference at UCL and a performative talk at London Zoo. The exhibition is layered and loaded from the... [more]
Posted by Joyce Cronin on 10/10/10