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John Stezaker: Blind

by Philippa Snow
Associating John Stezaker's work with the movies feels like an obvious fit; his aesthetic, in general, is one of another era of high cinematic splendor – a silver-screen photofit populace, cut-up from Hayworth's hair, and Cary Grant's jawline. The famously-symmetrical are typically used for slashed-up perversions of every golden rule about beauty; all myth about ideal proportion. Even the landscape postcards – the canyons, the rivulets and the mountains – which Stezaker uses are somehow... [more]
Posted by Philippa Snow on 3/12/13

The Man Who Would Be King

by Mike Tuck
Sometimes repetition isn’t just repetition, it is the most emphatic form of insistence and John Stezaker has something very important to insist upon. His show at The Approach is the latest offering in a set of works which span over a quarter of a century. This body of collage works, which seem to have their roots in his “Masks” series, are superbly simple collages of postcards and found images which have an authority and quietness all of their own. One occasionally comes across... [more]
Posted by Mike Tuck on 2/28/10