The Residence Gallery

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The Residence Gallery
229 Victoria Park Road London
London UK E9 7HD
United Kingdom
Venue Type: Gallery
Open hours
Wed-Sat 11-6, Sun 12-5
+44 (0) 20 8985 0321

The Residence Gallery has proudly established itself as a 21st century international artist-run and commercial art venue by East London's historic Victoria Park. The gallery's history began a few years back as an idea for a palatial d.i.y. museum in an abandoned Victorian mental hospital (squatted inWhitechapel, 2004 as the "Tate Post-Mortem"). It later unleashed itself as "The Residence" with over 100 exhibitions in a rented shop premises during 2005. This was followed up by its covert takeover of The Verger’s Cottage (St. Mary of Eton Church), haunted home to gallery Director/Artist Ingrid Z. Notice of demolition prompted the gallery to secure a permanent move to its much loved Victoria Park Road where it's now at last rooted at no.229 for many years to come.

The Residence Gallery celebrates innovative interdisciplinary forces including painting, video, photography and installation. It undertakes constant review to select relevant and engaging artists of our time.

"I've researched where the gallery concept originated and it was in the homes and cabinets of private collectors, stretching back even furthest to cave dwellings. I am re-visiting the importance of art's connection to the home and how our very notion of "home" and "art" has evolved in tune within the evolution of commerce, media technology and social semiotics. I use my own life as artist/curator/tenant/landlord as example and experimental host of the 21st century art venue."-Ingrid Z

Visitors travelling from abroad can make a reservation at The Residence's private one-bedroom Residential Suite offering self-catering amenities and authentic London living with the privilege of insight to the East End art scene's best kept secrets.

The boutique boasts selections of artist multiples, limited edition publications, and objects of fascination. The Residence Gallery is a live structure to be experienced as a whole scenario or to be cherished in its individual objects d’art.