Dalston Superstore

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Dalston Superstore
117 Kingsland High Street
London, London E8 2PB
United Kingdom
Venue Type: Alternative Space
Chelsea Zaharczuk
Open hours
12pm - 1am

Moon Miner

Artist Karen Tang and the composer/dancer team Kaja Bjorntvedt and Sophie Arstall of Midnight
Orange Productions present two consecutive live events at Dalston Superstore on Tuesday 12th
and Thursday 14th October 2010.  Performances at 9.00pm, 9.30pm and 10.30pm on Tuesday;
7pm, 8pm and 9pm on Thursday.

Moon Miner is a joint production between Karen Tang and Midnight Orange Productions.

Costume by fashion designer Antonia Ede.

Karen Tang and Midnight Orange Productions present a nocturnal spectacle of Space. Machines power amidst cosmic rays as M.O.P. Dancer/Choreographer Sophie Arstall interacts with mysterious objects that suggest the incomprehensible technologies of the future.  Arstall’s actions synchronise with electrically charged sounds composed by M.O.P.’s Kaja Bjorntvedt.  Moon Miner imagines the forces during the processes of lunar industry.  It is a task fraught with physical obstacles and dangers, from moondust as sharp as ground diamonds to digging in microgravity. Bjorntvedt’s soundtrack concentrates heavily on vibrations; as there is no air on the moon, sound can only be transmitted through tremors and pulsations in the ground, or through touch. To mine lunar soil (regolith), there are scaffolds that Arstall must negotiate carefully, and then systematically dismantle and rebuild. The Moon Miner performance comments on humankind’s unquenchable thirst for energy; our pressing predicament of Earth’s depleting resources is driving the quest to excavate our nearest celestial body.

Twilight Rays, an installation by Karen Tang will be presented until Sunday 21st November 2010.
The installation Twilight Rays will traverse the length of the Superstore wall.  This new work celebrates examples of science fiction becoming fact; especially the interim where fantastical ideals succumb to historical conquests.  Tang’s inspirations include J.G. Ballard’s Vermillion Dreams, the Apollo 17 astronauts’ sketches of lunar “twilight rays” and Dan Dare comics.  Tang juxtaposes the decadent glamour and freedom of Dalston Superstore with J.G.  Ballard’s ultimate utopian tenet: “work as the ultimate play, and play the ultimate work”.

Karen Tang is an artist based in London. Since completing MFA Sculpture at the Slade, Tang has exhibited widely in the UK and abroad, including shows at the Economist Plaza, Jerwood Space, Ambika P3, The Agency, Art Rotterdam, Art Brussels and the South London Gallery.  Karen Tang is represented by The Agency, London.

Midnight Orange Productions was set up by choreographer/dancer Sophie Arstall and composer/performer Kaja Bjorntvedt, to create original work combining music and dance in a performance context.  Since gaining her Masters in Dance Perfor-
mance at the Laban Centre, Arstall has toured with Transitions Dance Company and worked internationally with many choreographers and artists including Daria Martin.  Bjorntvedt is a Norwegian composing and performing musician who recently won the ‘International Composition Competition 09 Chromatico’ whilst completing her Masters Degree in Composition at Trinity College of Music London. Her music is published by Musikk-Husets Forlag A/S.