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(Turk) (Must) (Do) (Better)

  (Turk) (Must) (Do) (Better) A Critical Review of Wittgenstein’s Dream  Can we safely dismiss Freudian psychoanalysis with the lancet of irony? Or does the attempt fail? Gavin Turk at the Freud Museum   It is telling and rather predictable that there is more actual criticism in the online comments following the mainstream reviews of then there is in the actual reviews, which for the most part stick to milk blooded enthusiasm or dry description of Turk and Putnam’s show at the Freud... [more]
Posted by Michael Eden on 2/3/16

Art is an exorcism

by Philippa Snow
It's difficult to imagine an artist better suited to the Freud Museum than Louise Bourgeois, confessional art's first real practitioner. Her favourite sculpture, Janus Fleuri, hangs from the ceiling of the psychoanalyst’s study, a work she describes as a kind of self-portrait, a practicing therapist's screaming nightmare – Fleuri is a tumour-like jumble of male and female parts, an un-erotic terratoma that droops from its bonds like a half-dead larva. Upstairs, a Lucasian cluster of felted,... [more]
Posted by Philippa Snow on 3/10/12