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Georg Herold at Sadie Coles HQ

by Alex Field
Sometimes the only reaction you have to a show is “hmmm…ok.” Not because the art is bad, or indeed because it is so spectacular that you are lost for words to describe it, but because the exhibition offers you nothing in the way of engagement. Georg Herold at Sadie Coles HQ is one of these: a selection of works arranged in a large, white space with no curatorial intervention whatsoever. Not bad, not wonderful. Herold offers two themes in this show: monumental human figures constructed from found materials and canvasses spread with caviar. An unusual juxtaposition, there is seemingly no relation between the artist’s two streams of thought and as such there is lit... [more]
Posted by Alex Field on 9/24/11

Douglas Sirk

by Laura Bushell
Adjacent to the festive consumerist glitz of Regent Street, the Sadie Coles gallery is inaugurating a brand new space with an exhibition of Urs Fischer mirror sculptures as dazzling as any designer shop window. Fischer has littered the space with a variety of giant mirrored boxes with views (front, back, sides and top) of everyday objects screen printed onto each side in hyper-real digital detail. Giant cigarette packets, high heeled shoes and oversized chairs dwarf viewers like a Pop Art hall of mirrors throwing around its imagery while incorporating the reflection of the view... [more]
Posted by Laura Bushell on 11/6/10