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Searching for Christ's Penis

by Thogdin Ripley
The marking of the centenary of the First World War seems to have provided a good excuse for many galleries to revisit some of the greats of Expressionism. Namely, the unholy, and unholily popular trinity of Dix, Grosz, and Schiele, three men who, in recording their everyday lives and tumultuous surroundings in lividly-colored, pinched perspectives, also let the burgeoning sexuality of youth pound priapically against the quivering doors of the traditional nude. Ahem. Grosz’s early portfolios... [more]
Posted by Thogdin Ripley on 10/31/14

Toulouse-Lautrec at The Courtauld Gallery

by Alex Field
The coverage of the recent death of Lucian Freud has highlighted the intensity of relationship that can exist between artist and subject. His last model described him as both a consummate professional and a dear friend, emphasising the connection that can be established during hours of casual chat on the job. Of course, this level of empathy cannot always exist, but where it does the fruit it bears can far outweigh the artistic output alone. Pre-dating Freud, a prime example of this is the bond... [more]
Posted by Alex Field on 8/7/11

impressive exhibition by students at The Courtauld Gallery

It is a refreshing, thourhg-provoking exhibition that offers a unique layout of mostly 15th and 16th century works with contemporary ones, asking questions of a spiritual and intellectual nature but also very simple and relevant ones related to our daily lives as human beings. Go and see it, it's up for another 3 weeks!   [more]
Posted by Danielart on 6/24/10