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Alice Browne at Limoncello Gallery

by Char Jansen
This is an impressive solo exhibition for an established artist, but becomes jaw-dropping when you discover Browne was born in 1986, and graduated only two years ago from Wimbledon College of Art. Not to say, however, that she is unaccustomed to rising to the challenge; this exhibition is already her second solo show of 2011, (the first being ‘Cave’ at the renowned Jerwood Project Space). Looking at her glowing list of group exhibitions, too, would make any recent art graduate froth with envy;... [more]
Posted by Char Jansen on 1/8/12

‘Giles said…’ The Hut Project at Limoncello

by David Yu
          This famous riddle was asked to Oedipus by the Sphinx in the famous Greek myth based outside of Thebes. This riddle is also the title to the first piece encountered by The Hut Project currently showing at Limoncello. A pair of Sphinx guard the gallery doors leading into a gold foil filled interior. This piece sets the tone for the entire show. The work projects playfulness, where one knows there will be a bit of discovery, a bit of jest, where the viewer and the context is the... [more]
Posted by David Yu on 6/13/10