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Hotshoe Gallery
29-31 Saffron Hill
London EC1N 8SW
United Kingdom
Venue Type: Gallery
Open hours
Wed-Fri, 10-5pm. Sat, 12-5pm.
+44 (0)20 7421 6009
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HotShoe Gallery is both a commercial and public gallery dedicated to photographic art and artist’s film and video. It is a commercial space inasmuch that it displays and sells the work of a number of artists; and a public space in the sense that it is committed to the discourse that surrounds contemporary photographic art and moving image, both in terms of practice and theory, and seeks to interpret and communicate these subjects to the public.

Our exhibitions are divided into three distinct areas: solo and group shows of predominantly wall-based fine art photography, a ‘national pavilion’ series which concentrates on artist’s film and video and photographic art, within the context of architectural installation, and an array of exhibitions that exist in the form of collaborations with charities or institutions we wish to support.

We would like to function as an accessible space for both established and emerging artists and therefore welcome portfolio submissions, exhibition proposals and enquiries of interest. We also support activities and events surrounding other, non-photographic art forms; this might include a seminar, a conference, a film screening or a performance. If you are interested in using our space for such an activity, please feel free to contact us.

HotShoe also has two other arms – a magazine and a blog, both of which can be viewed/subscribed to here: