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Natural Beauty, 2010 © Copyright Sam Plagerson, Courtesy Simon Oldfield Gallery
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Artists Tim Ellis, Katie Cuddon, Sam Plagerson and Douglas White are known for their interest in

and examination of our contemporary culture and the objects within it. Individually, each artist displays a

widely differing perception of the world and their interests and approaches differ enormously, swerving

from the nature of fame and its constructions, to the complexities of the human psychological condition.

As a group, their work in this exhibition casts light on man’s perception of himself and how he chooses to

represent this.


Having trained in a ‘post-YBA’ environment, these artists do not use shock as a tactic with which to make

a point but reference instead a wide web of ideas - both visual and conceptual – with which to tease a

response from the viewer. They also frequently make use of appropriation, as a means of taking

something from its familiar and accepted circumstances and placing it in a fresh perspective, where it can

be considered anew. New Symphony questions notions of authorship, identity (on both a personal and

societal level), value and beauty, and as such presents insights into one of the main discussions within

British art and society today.


This exhibition marks the continuation of a programme of artist projects that began in 2008. Since then

Simon Oldfield has worked on an ambitions series of exhibitions and events, that have included the

Ascension exhibition of works in 2008 by Michael Armitage, Ben Ashton, Katy Kirbach and Polly Morgan

and most recently with Ben Ashton’s first solo exhibition in November 2009. In a former monumental

stonemason’s showroom, Ashton exhibited new paintings and sculptures that explored the notion of

celebrity and its manifestations, throughout history.


Simon Oldfield Gallery use their profit to support charitable organisations such as The Whitechapel

Gallery through the patron programme. In addition to the exhibition programme, the gallery also supports

emerging artists by providing studio facilities. Simon Oldfield is the founder of The Bloomsbury Studio,

which opened in 2008, offering subsidized live/work spaces for young artists.


2010 has also seen Simon Oldfield Gallery working with the Contemporary Art Society in support of their

centenary programme. The gallery is providing studio/living accommodation to Yane Calovski, who is

developing an exhibition for Tate Britain that opens in May 2010.