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I visited this exhibition last month and was blown away by the work and the show.The way the Artist had taken a popular TV show and with the extensive supporting critique and research had transformed the TV Burp show concept into a modern representation of the carnival scene. The familiar characters from the show took form in a variety of traditional methods - from thimbles to knitted pieces and toby jugs - these were all linked together with the beautiful watercolour paintings and the drawings that showed the characters in action.  The Artist was interested in how certain traditions repeatedly manifest in society and with t... [more]
Posted by rebeccasammon on 3/18/13

Anthony Lin's Introduction to Guy Reid's Show Devotion

Introduction to Guy Reid’s Work By Anthony Lin In all of Guy Reid's works, the human psyche is invariably drawn with meticulous care in a perturbing environment of slightly distorted perspectives. His assortment of real characters all appear to look, not at the viewer, but at a more complex dimension filled with intensely personalized concerns which at once make our own physical world seem illusory and inconsequential. The most revealing of these involve Andrew, the artist's long-time partner carved in relief, in the round, lying prone, shown in full upright figure, half-bodied, or as busts i... [more]
Posted by guy reid on 9/21/10