The Earth Draws It

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Title Pending, 2009/2010 Industrial Floor Paint, Metal Fixtures, Mdf And Crude Oil 208 X 362 X 1000 Cm
The Earth Draws It

The assembly rooms, 8, Silver Place
London W1F 0JU
United Kingdom
April 22nd, 2010 - June 5th, 2010
Opening: April 22nd, 2010 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

07800 796 314
Monday - Friday 10am - 6pm or by appointment
wall installation, sculpture


Piers Secunda

The Earth Draws It

The opposition of painting and sculpture is inherent within the two media. Paint has a tendency towards flatness; sculpture in its essence is three dimensional. But paint has a sculptural quality too. Glenn Brown explores that in his flattened reproductions of impastoed paintings, most notably his renditions of Frank Auerbach. He also investigates the problem from the other side with his sculptures made from paint. Flatness is such a well explored and written about idea it is strange that pure paint sculpture is an uncommon use of the medium. Formally there might be some analogies to clay sculpture but paint, like Damien Hirsts formaldehyde, is not just a material but a medium for ideas.

Piers Secundas work has developed out of practical and theoretical feelings for paint as a sculptural material. Because this angle is under explored his work has a look entirely of its own (certainly it looks nothing like Glenn Brown). It carries suggestions of assemblage and can evoke the patina of empty billboards with their accumulations of torn posters. The paint Secunda uses can take the form of detritus of a sort, sometimes it is molded specifically but almost as often it is not. There becomes, therefore, a feeling of the entropy by which natural processes take back control over even human products such as paints.

Since this is a new use of the form it is an unfolding story and works here reveal attempts to apply this visual language in different ways. There are movements towards the mechanical with industrial fittings molded from paint and there are references to everyday life with text and images transferred and silkscreened onto paint surfaces using a variety of crude oils, sourced from around the world. The crude oil Fragments are framed between sheets of Plexi Glass, mounted with cast paints nuts and bolts, they float in front of the wall. The large scale works (there is one in this exhibition) combine geometric anthropomorphic forms, with the furthest reaches of Secundas technical abilities with paint, to create works with a compelling presence.

Piers Secunda has been developing systems of sculpting with paint since 1996. He has work                      in collections internationally and has exhibited extensively in both the United States and the UK. In November he completed a residency in China and is currently showing work in the exhibition Fakirs at Island6 in Shanghai and Mob Remedies at Primo Alonso Gallery. He is represented in London by Zero10 Gallery.

The Earth Draws It, opens on Monday 26th April and runs until Saturday 5th June 2010

By appointment only

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