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DayTrip to Clacton, 2009 © Dmitri Galitzine
Curated by: Fozia Khaliq

17A Riding House Street
London W1W 7DS
United Kingdom
August 7th, 2009 - August 23rd, 2009
Opening: August 6th, 2009 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

fitzrovia, bloomsbury
+44(0)208 980 1568
Tue-Sat 11-6


NETTIE HORN is pleased to present “By-Product” a group exhibition curated by Fozia Khaliq which investigates the working processes of the artists Corinne Felgate, Dmitri Galitzine, Laura Yuile and Simon Reuben White. The exhibition explores the history of the objects and sounds usually used by these artists in the search of some incidental happening or development that can be understood in some shape or form as a by-product.
The exhibiting artists were asked to bring to light the elements which they would normally discard or leave behind in their working processes. Having reconsidered this notion of “by-product” within the context of their body of work, each artist has translated it into newly developed and re-developed works and therefore reconsidering their own working practices and methods. Focusing on this idea of “by-product” is a way of challenging our views on the value of art and what exactly is loaded into an object or sound that gives its status to an art object.

Corinne Felgate
Through arbitrary human interaction, Felgate's sculpture "blinded by the light" becomes, similarly to previous works, unavoidably performative. Her crafted installations and re-workings of everyday objects become explorations of a culturally constructed idea of the ordinary. Through theatrizing the associated characteristics of familiar objects, Felgate questions the functional process of a culture based on collective rituals.

Dmitri Galitzine
“My work utilizes specific (and often bizarre) subcultures to examine the absurdities of modern life. The Huntsman, the Oilman and the Pigeon Fancier provide the framework to consider the social anachronisms of Britain today. Cultural traditions and rituals are examined through juxtaposition: Science Fiction with B&Q. The work draws upon the stuff of catalogues, the paraphernalia known only to the hobbyist on a Saturday afternoon in the garage. My work is both familiar and alien, local and foreign and seeks to be just as beautiful as it is hideous”
Galitzine uses materials such as tar which is a chemical by-product of industrial processes and has drawn together a visual catalogue of overlooked sub-cultural references. The combination of the two creates a conversation around the incident of cultural cross-references.

Laura Yuile
Yuile’s work in “By-Product” will address previously exhibited works, and therefore opening a discussion about the artist’s ongoing personal battle between action and thought, concept and form. A self confessed obsessive, Yuile’s sculptural collages will be replaced by a video installation alongside a diaristic, self reflective interview-style narration. In addition, a throne created from discarded materials used in previous sculptures will seat the viewer as the artist shares her concerns and personal feelings of failure. The dismantling and reassembling of these art objects reflects a similar process of fragmentation and reconstruction of the artist’s thoughts and emotions.

Simon Reuben White
White’s working process involves continuous archiving of daily happenings with particular emphasis on his own life and experiences. Using his personal history as a constant source for the sounds he documents, he then edits and re-composes them into sound pieces.
For By-Product, White has paid particular attention to the sounds which he previously chose not to include in his works. This ‘waste’, created from the editing process and being a by-product of the artists working methods, would usually be devalued and discarded to make room for a more refined art piece. White will be collecting and re-assembling his sound by-products into a new sound piece looking back into the forgotten history within the sound.