Silver threads and golden needles (cannot mend this heart of mine)

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Silver threads and golden needles (cannot mend this heart of mine)

191 St. John's Hill
London SW11 1TH
United Kingdom
October 17th, 2009 - November 21st, 2009

Other (outside main areas)
+44 020 7223 8433
Tuesday to Friday 10-6; Saturday 10-5
figurative, modern


Wyer Gallery is delighted to announce Christine Aerfeldt’s first solo show in the UK.   The exhibition opens with a brunch reception on Saturday 17th October.  The Australian artist and Chelsea College of Art graduate will exhibit a new series of large-scale paintings in oil on canvas.


Christine Aerfeldt’s past work, informed by her Estonian heritage, featured kitsch figurines or dolls amongst manipulations of old master allegorical imagery.  In her last show at Wyer, in a similar fusion of high and low cultures, her work re-thought Dutch 17th century genre paintings which show women within the domestic environment sewing, cleaning and cooking etc by depicting women with postures derived from fashion models in magazines or on the catwalk doing 'women's work', but re-contextualized within the landscape environment instead of inside the home.


For her new solo show, Aerfeldt continues the themes of her last exhibition.  Now though, she introduces still life elements and a fusing of portraiture, still life, landscape, and mythological painting.  The new paintings feature still-life within the context of the landscape, and on a much more grandiose scale than commonly used for the genre.  The works induce narratives which are left to viewers’ own sensitivity to complete or make sense of and which might be read from a number of viewpoints: feminist, environmental, mythological, Freudian...  But there is an important painterly narrative alongside any other evoked: Aerfeldt plays with the manner and form of the application of her paint and the history of an intensely physical process of painting is revealed in surfaces that contain broad gestural strokes, fine illustrative detail, over-painting, correction, swabbing, glazing and pouring.


Christine Aerfeldt is a graduate of Chelsea School of Art and, formerly, Adelaide Central School of Art. In London, her work was seen most recently at Wyer Gallery in October 2008, where she exhibited alongside Elinor Evans.  Her work is found in public and private collections across the world, most recently those of Charles Saatchi and David Roberts as well as the permanent collection of the University of the Arts, London.



Please contact Jane Wyer for further details:  +44 (0)7753 219207 / +44 (0)20 7223 8433