You Can Build a House

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You Can Build a House

Top Floor (front), Guild House
Rollins Street
London SE15 1EP
United Kingdom
September 2nd, 2009 - September 6th, 2009
Opening: September 2nd, 2009 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM

london bridge, southbank
Friday to Saturday 12-5pm and for appointments
mixed-media, photography, installation, conceptual, sculpture



This exhibition is a test of foundations. In You Can Build a House the audience is guided to a point of introspection. As people we must be honest about why we promote that which is being advocated through the way we live our lives. Until this rudimentary obstacle is confronted there is hardly any room for complex considerations. Where post-modern thought takes us is into a place where truth and meaning are gone. When something is eliminated, though, something must be posited into its place. For this exhibition we will examine the inadequacy of redefinition and shed light onto an absolute that is found within a non-absolute world view.


Assuming the roles of object, gesture and metaphor, the works manifest their duties. Serving as a stand-in or a prop, they are here as devices to fulfil expected presentational norms. Being objective in nature and subjective in process they are concerned with aesthetic joy. Since the works of art are both a means and an end, investigation should be in the intent. The true end remains open to allow possibility for acceptance and change. What is being denied when something is being affirmed?


The works are attempts at both the ends and the means of this thought. By working under the assumption that these art pieces are insignificant, they can be seen as trials. The testing of ideas, the different modes of working and the sought conclusions of a process are in question. Though they appear to reflect a philosophy, does the ultimate foundation confirm this fact? New ideas may cause one to believe that genuine hope is unattainable, but on what deeper level have these ideas moulded any part of the Truth? You can build a house made with doorways to nowhere, stairways that lead to nothingness and windows that open to walls; only when the structure of the foundation is tampered with will you lose trust in the house. Otherwise, thinking is thinking.