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Tautology, 2008 © Contemporary Art Society – Rotate

59 Central Street
London EC1V 3AF
United Kingdom
February 20th, 2009 - May 29th, 2009

fitzrovia, bloomsbury
+44 (0)20 7017 8400
Tue-Fri 11-5
mixed-media, photography, landscape, modern


Rotate is the new exhibition programme at our Emerald Street offices, showcasing the work of artists, artist-run spaces and galleries who are attracting critical interest and acclaim nationally and internationally.

Recently selected as one of the top 5 upcoming galleries in 2008 by The Times, as well as one of 10 upcoming galleries by The Independent, MOOT is curated and maintained by artists Tom Godfrey, Tristan Hessing, Candice Jacobs and Matthew Jamieson and represents both emerging and established artists.

Artists exhibiting in Rotate with MOOT include Dan Ford, Mark Harasimowicz, Sara MacKillop, Pat O'Connor, Richard Paul, Seth Pick, Rachel Reupke and Magali Reus.

Mark Harasimowicz
Through the use of subtle mark making, found images and selected stationary, Mark Harasimowicz's practice of small scale drawings, postcards and collage explore and combine appropriations of architectural form, invented spaces and zoological depictions. His geometrically aligned and fragile works often appear sketch-like, with torn paper edges and evidence of process.

Mark Harasimowicz lives and works in Manchester and has recently exhibited with MOOT at the Zoo Art Fair 2008. He was identified as one of 20 up and coming artists to look out for in 2009 by The Independent Newspaper, in October 2008. His works are included in a number of private collections including that of Manuela Wirth of Hauser & Wirth, Zurich.

Sara Mackillop
Using humble materials often hovering on obsoleteness such as till rolls, record sleeves and photo albums, Mackillop creates quiet and unassuming sculptural forms and spatial interventions. Her works offer chance convergences of geometry, form and compatibility, meeting completion through exhibition where they often depend upon and act as contingents of the space or display method that they exist in. Sara Mackillop lives and works in London, she recently worked with MOOT at the Zoo Art Fair 2008.

Recent exhibitions include; "The Long Take", MOOT, UK; "Floor/Wall", Leicester City Gallery, UK; "3.35 x 2.30", Clages, DE; Contemporary Art Society's "ARTfutures 2008", Bloomberg Space, London, UK; "Ian Kiaer/Sara Mackillop", International Project Space, UK; "EASTinternational", Norwich Gallery curated by Matthew Higgs and Mark Camille Chaimowicz. Mackillop will be exhibiting at Doggerfisher, Edinburgh in 2009.

Pat O'Connor
Sourcing material from self-help books and encyclopaedias, fashion magazines and films, O'Connor works with an array of images from popular culture to explore contemporary perceptions of politics, history, visual culture and the mass media. O'Connor frequently paints directly onto walls, often combining them with objects such as good luck charms and trinkets. Her works are often small in scale and sited in obscure and hidden places where they are easily overlooked or missed altogether.

Pat O'Connor lives and works in London. MOOT recently worked with O'Connor at the Zoo Art Fair 2008. Recent exhibitions include; "Say Sorry For Not Making", MOOT, UK; "Salon Nouveau", Engholm Engelhorn Galerie, AU; "Caragh Thuring, Pat O'Connor", Ashwin Street, UK; "The Great Unsigned", Zoo Art Fair 2005, UK.

Richard Paul
Richard Paul is an artist based in London, whose work is predominantly photographic. Currently, he is exhibiting at Studio Output, the first in a series of commissioned collaborations entitled "Together", in their studio in London (until February 2009). The exhibition is open Monday-Friday 9-6 by appointment (call 020 7242 5700 or email Richard is also Senior Lecturer in Photography at University of the West of England and was a founder and co-Director of Hoxton Distillery Gallery (archive at

Seth Pick
Originating from found images, Seth Pick's works explore the transition of source material to paintings. In this shift, the artist retains both the quality of the paint and the substance of the image. The images depicted and the materials used are seen as being equally significant, where the paint becomes what it represents, be it tree bark, flesh or water. His paintings seem at once revealing and concealing, finished and incomplete.

Seth Pick worked with MOOT at the Zoo Art Fair 2008. His paintings will also feature in the NADA art fair, Miami with Gallerie Neue Alte Bruecke in December 2008. Pick graduated with a BA Fine Art from Goldsmith's school of art in 2008.

Rachel Reupke
Reupke's delicately animated depictions of idyllic landscapes, utopian cityscapes, transport networks and the leisure industry balance somewhere between cinema, photography and painting. Meticulously crafted video work is created through layers of still images and film to produce serene and hyperreal imagery.

Reupke was recently taken to the Zoo Art Fair 2008 by MOOT and is currently in Brazil making work for "Cinema Sim" and exhibition at Instituto Itau Cultural. Reupke was also recently involved in the LUX Associate Artists Programme which helped her to create the works "Now Wait For Last Year" whilst in Beijing, China. Collections include the Pompidou Centre in Paris.

Recent exhibitions include; "The Long Take", MOOT, UK; Zodiac 3000, International Project Space, UK; "Come and Go: Fiction and Reality", Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Portugal; Pilot 3: London and Venice.

Magali Reus
Dutch artist Magali Reus works predominantly in video and sculpture, often creating larger scale sculptural works and short looped video pieces that reflect her interests in natural and artificial hybrid objects and events. Reus's sculpture often features unique fabricated forms made from industrial materials and processes often acting as props or supports for synthetic materials such as beach towels, sunglass lenses and hi-visibility vests.

MOOT worked with Magali Reus at the Zoo Art Fair 2008. Recent exhibitions include; "The Angle Between Two Walls", MOT International, London, UK (with Brock Enright); "Is the World Flat", Arti et Amicitiae, NL; Contemporary Art Society's "ARTfutures 2008", Bloomberg Space, London, UK; "Digital Broadway" @ Broadway Cinema, Moot, Nottingham, UK; "Viva Curandero", Kontainer, USA; "Lobby", Hales Gallery, London, UK; "Black Powder + White Party", Contemporary Art Museum of Kyung Hee University, Seoul, South Korea.