Obliteration Device

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+HRdpN+)(BANBHAMOOIRA+, (Ponto for Banbha Mooira), 2012 Present, Talcum Powder 1m X 1m © John Cussans & Roberto Peyre
Obliteration Device
Curated by: David Burrows

Unit 2, 210 Cambridge Heath Road
London E2 9NQ
United Kingdom
June 6th, 2014 - July 6th, 2014
Opening: June 5th, 2014 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

tower hamlets
+44 (0) 20 8980 5475
Thu-Sun 12-6; or by appointment and until 9:00pm on the First Thursday of the month.


It may be many solar masses, at least three, though it may fit in your living room or the palm of your hand, and that tells you something. Volume is of no account. Size is no measure of influence. Mass = Density ¥ + Volume 0 will kill you.

You already know that everything exists independent of registration but that nothing exists independent of registration. But what use is that kind of knowledge if you can’t see the thing? All you can see is a surface, a pattern, an accretion that circles the thing, and not the thing itself. But you know it is real enough. Though you can certainly feel and even hear it, and though you can imagine it and figure its affect on other things, you end up with a strange feeling of blind-sight, which at times might sting. And this may not be a bad thing and is to be expected. For it certainly has no feelings for you, and attracts you all the same and makes you move.

It is difficult to accept but you can have no knowledge of this thing at a distance, only choices: 1. Keep your distance. 2. Get as close to it as possible without succumbing to its influence. 3. Become one more layer, one more movement, one more accretion on its surface. 4. Step inside.

Lucky for you that it does not swallow information without return. Lucky for you that everything it pulverizes has a good chance of being returned to the universe.

Jakup Auce, Aline Bouvy, David Burrows, John Cussans, Ben Drew, Ryan Jordan, Roberto Peyre, Simon O’Sullivan, Hannah Sawtell, Tai Shani.

Obliteration Device is an exhibition of collaborations and solo works of art, curated by David Burrows.