Entangled2 (Theatre II)

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Photograph By Thilo Hoffmann © 2013
Entangled2 (Theatre II)

65 Decima Street
Unit 2
SE1 4QT London
October 9th, 2013 - December 1st, 2013

london bridge, southbank
+44 (0)20 8983 1771
Wed-Sun 12-6
Admission free but booking is essential Call 020 8983 1435 to reserve your place. Places are strictly limited to 2 people per screening


In Entangled2 (Theatre II) Lindsay Seers returns to androgynous themes present in her 2009 work It has to be this Way at Matt's Gallery. The Renaissance 'theatre of the world' motif of this previous work is bastardised by Seers into vaudeville; a theatrical form made of fragments in which the artifice of the staging is absurdly evident and failure is omnipresent.

Entangled2 presents the Victorian music hall legends Hetty King and Vesta Tilly (both male impersonators), performed by contemporary actors. Biography plays a key role in Seers’ work, but is rarely used in an ordinary or straight sense. Stories and lives are used as a more complex narrative vehicle in which coincidence, chance and chaos seem far more at play than any singular notion of freewill or determinism. Seers treats the past as a myth in which fragments make a deceitful, coherent whole in which every part existed; mirroring her on-going investigation towards the synthesising of classic dichotomies between self/other, male/female, truth/lies, etc.

Context is everything in these works. The gallery is transformed into a hybrid theatre set, a booth; a cinema of sorts; a show case; a shop window; a viewing room. It is work about doubling, to be seen by two people through two windows in two rooms on two screens. The ephemeral screens are inflated balls. They take on different guises such as eyeballs, beach balls and platonic forms etc, enfolded in curtains, their shifting signification fleeting across their plastic surfaces, create a meeting point where expression meets form - each modifying the other.

We enter in the midst of things. The evolution of Seers’ subjects and structures is buffeted on a restless sea of which she has limited control as the story writes itself and is fractured and as incoherent as any real event. The form of her structures arises in the making - each part modifies the other. The very creation of the work evolves from a collection of on-going associations that divide and grow like fractals in an ever-burgeoning pattern.

Entangled2 was first commissioned and curated in 2012 by Jacqui Davies, University for the Creative Arts (School of Fine Arts) in association with Turner Contemporary.


Admission free but booking is essential
Call 020 8983 1435 to reserve your place

Places are strictly limited to 2 people per screening

The work will be shown on the quarter of every hour from 11am until 6pm, 7 days a week (last screening will be at 5.45pm)