Abstract Cabinet

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Slugs in Sodium, 2013 © Courtesy: Jonathan Viner, London
Abstract Cabinet

37 Camden High Street
London NW1 7JE
United Kingdom
June 7th, 2013 - August 3rd, 2013
Opening: June 6th, 2013 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM

camden town
+44 020 7383 3004


Abstract Cabinet focuses on a group of London-based artists who have been actively working together through exchanges, discussions and often collaborations. This dynamic, which finds its origin in their shared education, interests and sources (in particular in music, internet, fashion, and design), is strong enough to pigeonhole a group into a “new generation”, and further, to interrogate the potentials of an art movement today.

However: can an art movement still be relevant? And if it is, how can an art institution react to it?

The artists’ practices is questioning the notion of the surface – materials, colours, shapes and conceptual.

This project is created with, and by, the artists themselves. The obsolete format of the Cabinet is chosen for its freedom; it opens a range of possibilities and turns the exhibition space into a museum’s temporary gallery, a studio, a drawing room or even a club. The aim is to create a situation in which the audience is invited to enter, a space of social and aesthetic cohesion, where the cabinet becomes yet another possibility for a social combination of artworks, people, materials and concepts.