5 Projects

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Annunciation , 2012 Archival Print On Paper 30” X 19.4” © Courtesy of the artist & GALLERYSKE
History Brush, Paint Bucket, Clone Stamp (Photoshop recordings) , 2013 Video Still © Courtesy of GALLERYSKE
I wasn't there! And... It changed Detail , 2012 © Courtesy of GALLERYSKE
5 Projects

2 Berlie Street
Langford Town
560 025 Bangalore
March 30th, 2013 - May 11th, 2013
Opening: March 30th, 2013 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

+91 80 4112 0873
Mon, Wed-Sat 11-7; Sundays by appointment
prints, video-art, sculpture


GALLERYSKE is pleased to present 5 Projects, an exhibition of works by the artists Shivani Bhalla, Tara Kelton, Bharathesh D. Yadav, Sujil S. and Udaya Vir Singh. The works featured are representative of the varied practices of each of the artists, presented as five independent projects ungoverned by any curatorial theme.
Delhi based artist, Shivani Bhalla’s paintings on rice paper are inspired by lingering memories of childhood and the strange, whimsical nature of interactions between characters in fables and her past. In her works, the familiar, yet curious and sometimes upsetting, characters of these stories reappear to speak with young girls or to reinvent the tales of their origin or death.
Continuing her exploration with digital media, Tara Kelton’s works in video and print play with ideas of time, space and perception. Using the visual language of the internet, the aesthetic of flattened, layered spaces, screens, and fragmented context, the series of works subverts common understanding of widely known concepts. Tara Kelton lives between Bangalore and Brooklyn.
Bharathesh D. Yadav is an artist based in Bangalore. His practice ranges from research-based inquiry to archival and narrative approaches. In this show, his works include the visual representation of a chemically received message, a collection of cinema slides that allude to a previous era of image-making, and the remnants of a show that lead to a piece on the idea of temporality.
In a series of digital prints, Pallakkad based artist Sujil S reworks classical and spiritual imagery to reveal and understand his preoccupation with an image’s ability to create deep impressions in formative memory. Through processes of layering and composition, Sujil S restates the primacy of the image, lifting it out of its original and loaded historical context in order to allow for subjective readings.
Playing with the idea of heaviness and lightness, Udaya Vir Singh, an artist from Bangalore, creates a visual pun on the pneumatic, buoyant, frivolous associations that burden his objects. The five balloons sculpted out of stone are disarmingly realistic and reflective of the artist’s interest in natural material; by being cast in material that is solid and heavy the balloons are released from expectations and freed from the predictable connotations they carry.