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© Courtesy of the Artist and The Outsiders London

8 Greek Street
London W1D 4DG
United Kingdom
March 22nd, 2013 - April 20th, 2013
Opening: March 22nd, 2013 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

+44 (0) 203 214 0055 / 0066
Free Admission


Walls’ is Miranda Donovan’s  third exhibition with the  Lazarides gallery. It sees the  London-based artist’s work  evolving along the path set  by previous shows Lost  World of Innocence and The  Home Unleashed, into an  impressively cohesive vision.  Donovan’s work fuses an exploration into sculpture and colour with a  dedication to the possibilities and practice of painting, to create utterly  unique ‘urban’ art. Her works are manifestations of the melancholic march of  time. 

For this exhibition, Donovan will present over twenty paintings all of which  return to her ongoing fascination with walls. This time they are often life-size  in scale. The larger works are characterized by their three dimensional  quality, seen here to an even greater extent than in her previous work, built  up in layers of resin, foam, plaster and paint. The textural and tactile aspects  are very apparent in the larger works, which are essentially ‘sculptural  paintings’. They hang on the wall but are often 10cm deep in thickness. Due  to the sheer physicality and weightiness of these larger pieces, on initial  glance these works may seem to the viewer to be walls literally hacked out  from their surroundings and displayed in a gallery – but in fact they are  sculptures, where even the bricks are fabricated, reproduced in a super-real  style through the prism of Miranda’s artistry. Liberated and uncompromising,   they reveal a level of sophistication and confidence perhaps not immediately  apparent in Miranda’s previous work. 

The smaller pieces averaging 40cm x 40cm often represent segments of  cracked plaster walls. These are framed in Perspex boxes lending them an  archeological, almost bijou feel blurring the line between art and artefact. Nothing Lasts Forever II (pictured above) is one of the larger pieces on  display. The inspiration came from a large section of green and grey wall with  white tiles revealing themselves where the plaster had cracked away. “Initially  I reproduced the wall faithfully – then I replaced the tiles with another linear  pattern, London bricks. The linearity of the bricks is broken up by the  irregularity of the plaster. The wall has begun to age and crack. Man and the  elements have left their mark. Just as this fabricated wall evolved over time  the wall that had initially inspired me would have undergone its own changes.  Nothing lasts forever! Our world constantly changes and evolves whether  through man’s influence or nature taking its own course. Man is so often  looking to newer, better and bigger ideas yet so often beauty can be seen in  the simplest of things – in my case, a brick wall.” 

About the artist: Miranda Donovan
Donovan was born in 1979. She studied in France at the Ecole des Beaux  Arts d’Aix-en-Provence, before returning to London in 2003 to complete her  fine art degree at City and Guilds of London Art School graduating in  2005. Miranda has exhibited in group shows at The New Art Gallery, Walsall;  The Bowery, New York, The Public, West Bromwich, curated from the Frank  Cohen collection, and Lazarides Gallery, London where she had her first solo  show in 2007. 

Her work includes a  n ongoing collaboration with celebrated restaurateur  Mark Hix, designing artwork for his venues’ menus. Donovan has also been  commissioned to construct a mobile which hangs alongside Damien Hirst’s and Anthony Gormley’s at Hix’s restaurant in Soho, and more recently  several artworks for his new venture Hix Belgraves. Donovan brings a new approach to the urban art scene based in her interest  in the possibilities of the sculpted and painted space. At times the influence  of Cy Twombley, Anthony Tapies and Gerhard Richter are apparent.