This 'Me' of Mine

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Image credit: Whilst I Breathe, I Hope,, 2011 Painting 116 Cm X 86 Cm © © Edd Pearman
This 'Me' of Mine
Curated by: Jane Boyer

Harold Wharf, 6 Creekside
SE8 4SA London
March 14th, 2013 - March 31st, 2013
Opening: March 14th, 2013 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

greenwich/west village
Thu-Sun 12-5
mixed-media, digital, video-art, conceptual, figurative, modern


Touring Exhibition, This ‘Me’ of Mine, Asks if the Transience of the Internet is Changing how we see Ourselves?

Uniforms, objects, social media, memories – a complex mixture of influences on contemporary identity; do we still have the wherewithal to navigate this Sargasso Sea of influences and not lose ourselves? Each ‘self’ is defined by context – our social groups, experiences and memories; how is the surge in online communications and a transient internet affecting this context and ultimately how we see ourselves? Have we become more engaged with objects than people or has personal communication been reinvigorated by social media? This ‘Me’ of Mine, a touring exhibition of 15 artists considers these questions.

Deptford, London, February 25, 2013 - This ‘Me’ of Mine, a touring contemporary art exhibition which looks at self in relation to context, opens March 14, 2013 at APT Gallery in Deptford. It will present issues of socialization and the influence of social groups, our connection to objects as a means to express emotion and to hold memories, the passage of time and limitations imposed by circumstance, and finally the effects of living in a digital age.  This ‘Me’ of Mine, supported by a grant from ACE and private sponsors will showcase work by: Aly Helyer, Edd Pearman, Darren Nixon, Hayley Harrison, Melanie Titmuss, Annabel Dover, Kate Murdoch, David Minton, Anthony Boswell, David Riley, Sandra Crisp, Sarah Hervey, Shireen Qureshi, Cathy Lomax, and Jane Boyer. Boyer is also the curator for the project, her first solo project as curator.

The exhibition will travel to four venues: APT Gallery, Strange Cargo|Georges House Gallery, Sevenoaks Kaleidoscope Gallery and The Art School Gallery at Ipswich Museum. A symposium discussing the effects of social media on identity and our connection to objects as mediators of emotion will conclude the exhibition tour at Ipswich Museum in the Fall of 2013. Members on the panel include: Dr David Jones, head of Visual Culture studies at the University of Exeter; Annabel Dover, exhibiting artist and PhD candidate at Wimbledon College of Art; Dr Aiden Gregg, psychologist, lecturer and member of the Centre for Research on Self & Identity at the University of Southampton, and Dr Emma Bond, sociologist and senior lecturer at University Campus Suffolk.

A companion book including interviews with the artists, essays by symposium panellists and other writers will also be published in conjunction with the project.

Jane Boyer is an independent artist, curator and writer. Boyer has written for Whitehot and The Market Magzines.  She was recently invited by Art Pie street-art blog to contribute articles related to the This ‘Me’ of Mine project. Art Pie is also media sponsor for This ‘Me’ of Mine. Last year, she was part of the full-time management team for Core Gallery in London where she co-curated four exhibitions. She currently lives in south west France with her husband and travels frequently to the UK for her art practice. 

Private view event 14/03/2013: 'Artists in Conversation' 6-7pm

Contact: Jane Boyer