Art13 London 2013 - Talks

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Art13 London 2013 - Talks

Olympia Grand Hall, Olympia Way, Hammersmith Road
London W14 8UX
United Kingdom
March 1st, 2013 - March 2nd, 2013

+44 (0)20 7886 3112


Art13 London is proud to host a number of high-profile panel discussions that consider the role of collecting and the rise of private museums in a globalised art world. Both discussions take place in the London Room at the Fair. Seats can be reserved prior to the talks at the Information Desk at the entrance of the Fair or by emailing Talks are free of charge but an admission ticket is required to enter the Fair.

Friday 1 March 

3pm, London Room
‘The China Moment’

‘The China Moment’ examines the emergence of Chinese collectors on the art world stage. Whilst this is a noted phenomenon, there has been little analysis of the challenges of being a collector in China and also the role that their collections have to play in the absence of state modern and contemporary art museums. This ground-breaking panel discussion features four of China’s most prominent collectors. Simultaneous translation facilities will be provided.

Dai Zhikang is the founder and owner of the Himalayas Art Museum, one of China’s first private museums. The Himalayas Art Museum aims to lead the campaign to provide world-class exhibition spaces for experimental artists inside China and worldwide. The museum is part of grand development that includes a hotel, a shopping mall and a theatre. Dai writes books and blogs about art and also collects rare ancient scrolls and sculptures.

Li Bing is a leading collector who began collecting over twenty years ago. He has become a strong voice in promoting contemporary art within China through the Art Collectors Club in Beijing. He is the founder and owner of the Beijing He Jing Yuan Art Museum. The collector’s club invites collectors from across the country to come and meet foreign collectors, artists, journalists and curators to facilitate further thinking about contemporary art in China.

Liu Wenjin is the founder and owner of the Yellow River Arts Centre, the largest and most important arts institution in North-West China which is currently being built. Upon completion, the eighty hectare Yellow River Arts Centre will incorporate multifaceted facilities for research, education and leisure.
The museum’s collection of Western and Chinese works is set to highlight the development of Chinese oil painting through cross-cultural exchange of Western and Chinese painting techniques and styles.

Wang Wei is the co-founder and co-owner of the Long Museum, China (along with Liu Yiqian). The 10,000 square metre museum, which opened in December 2012, houses a wide-ranging collection of Chinese contemporary art including artists such as Fang Lijun and Zhou Chunya, Mao-era “Red Classics” from 1949-1979 and traditional works and ancient artifacts with standout works like the one by Emperor Song Huizong (1082-1135).

The discussion will be chaired by Philip Dodd, Chair of the Made in China UK, Director of China Art Foundation (UK) and Chair of the Art13 London Advisory Board.

Saturday 2 March

2pm, London Room
‘The Global Rise of the Private Museum’

As state support for modern and contemporary art is cut back across the world, private museums will play an increasing role in the display of art. This panel discussion asks five prominent international collectors to talk about the evolution of their private museums and the role that each has to play in the local art ecology.

Dr Oei Hong Djien is the owner of the OHD Museum in Indonesia with over 2000 artworks in his collection that spans modern and contemporary Indonesian art. He is a well-known art collector, curator, and advisor to The National Art Gallery, Singapore. Dr. Oei Hong Djien started his collections in early 1970s. OHD Museum aims to inspire Indonesia’s younger generations to appreciate, enjoy, treasure and preserve Indonesian art.

Don and Mera Rubell are the founders and owners of the Rubell Family Collection, one of the world’s most renowned collections of contemporary art. Founded in 1964, the Collection has been located in Miami since 1993 and regularly lends works to institutional shows around the word. In addition to displaying internationally established artists, the Rubell Family Collection actively acquires, exhibits and champions emerging artists working at the forefront of contemporary art.

Patrizia Sandretto Re Rebaudengo has been collected art since 1992 and founded the Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo in Turin in 1995 with Francesco Bonami as Artistic Director. The Fondazione’s main aim is to encourage a greater understanding of contemporary art and to showcase international trends through the exhibition programme and an in-depth series of educational activities and conferences as well as courses of contemporary art. The Fondazione is a place where art lovers and experts can come together to refresh their knowledge.

Ramin Salsali is founder of the Salsali Private Museum (SPM), the first private museum for contemporary art in the region. Ramin Salsali started his collection at the age of 21 whilst still a student. For the last 12 years, his vision to share his passion for art with the public has been moving force in establishing a museum for Middle Eastern art in Dubai, the Salsali Private Museum (SPM). The museum opened in 2011 and is the first private museum in the region with over 600 works currently in it.

The discussion will be chaired by Georgina Adam, Editor at large, The Art Newspaper and columnist, The Financial Times