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20 Great Guildford Street
London SE1 0FD
United Kingdom
December 12th, 2012 - December 23rd, 2012
Opening: December 12th, 2012 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM

london bridge, southbank
+44 (0) 20 8123 7324
Mon - Fri: 11:00 - 18:00; Sat: 10:00 - 15:00
mixed-media, conceptual, sculpture


Unit24 Gallery is delighted to announce FANCY GIFTS, a thematic group exhibition organised by 24Design. The show is dedicated to the upcoming Christmas season, which we want to celebrate together, and offer you an opportunity to buy exclusive and amazing gifts to your dearly beloved.


Featured artists:

Anton S. Kandinsky, Eric Parnes, James Olley, Antonio Spinosa, Zara Arsenyan, Kevin Wayne, Arlette Ess, Takayuki Hara, Olga Kiwerski, Christina Mitrentse


You are also welcome to join our Special Christmas Event held in Peony Club on the 13th of December. For more info, please email:


As a contemporary painter, James Olley explores a variation of paint application, expressive mark making and optical mixing. Through the physicality of the medium, the insistence on the material qualities and painterly application, Olley calls attention to the surface’s flatness and combines it with representational image making. For 24Design, he prepared a series of beautiful hand-painted sculptures: Young Girl “The Phone Call”,which he transformed his past paintings into a 3-dimensional figure. His work not only shows his remarkable painting skills, but also offers a yearly themed limited series for people to collect.

      James Olley, Young Girl “The Phone Call”, 2012

Antonio Spinosa’s work mainly explores the simplicity of senses, moving and intertwining, trying to make use of the minimum in the concept of elaboration. His work also challenges the traditional concept of sculpture. From the work of Spinosa, we see the sculpture can be laid on the floor or suspended in the air; “sculptures without volume” is the highlight of his work. Spinosa dedicated to 24Design different pieces of his carbon steel sculptures, featuring the graphic shapes and the strong sense of decoration.

Antonio Spinosa, Red Ribbon, 2012

Zara Arsenyan’s two passions are visual art and theatre. Fascinated by Art Nouveau and inspired by the city of Gaudi, Zara creates absolutely fabulous and unrepeatable pieces of jewellery – made of authentic elements of Art Nouveau furniture and jewellery. Combinations of selected elements are simply marvellous. Zara’s unique technique gives objects their second life and enables us to appreciate their special beauty. For 24design, Zara Arsenyan has created a limited edition of unique pieces of jewellery inspired by her fascination of the Art Nouveau aesthetic.

Zara Arsenyan, 2012


Established in 2008, Unit24 is a gallery created in response to the changing face of the world of art and it is fiercely independent – not beholden to institutions, funding bodies or the art establishment. Yet it sits close to the heart of the art world – literally a stone’s throw from the Tate Modern. It recognizes the intersection of art and commerce and Unit24 presents both fine art and other visual disciplines – design, photography, performance and film.

Unit24 has just launched 24DESIGN – a brand new project that focuses on bringing together a group of 24 artists and designers from around the world to create design objects. 24Design is an international platform for collaborative creation for artists working across mediums. 24Design limited edition design objects are available in Unit24 Gallery in London.