Seems So Long Ago, Nancy

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Seems So Long Ago, Nancy, 2012 Hdcam 45' © Tatiana Macedo
Seems So Long Ago, Nancy, 2012 Hdcam 45' © Tatiana Macedo
Seems So Long Ago, Nancy, 2012 Hdcam 45' © Tatiana Macedo
Seems So Long Ago, Nancy, 2012 Hdcam 45' © Tatiana Macedo
Seems So Long Ago, Nancy, 2012 Hdcam 45' © Tatiana Macedo
Seems So Long Ago, Nancy, 2012 Hdcam 45' © Tatiana Macedo
Seems So Long Ago, Nancy
Curated by: Robin Footitt

4 Windmill Street
London W1T 2HZ
United Kingdom
November 22nd, 2012 - December 15th, 2012
Opening: November 21st, 2012 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

fitzrovia, bloomsbury
020 3397 3149
Weds to Fri, 1 - 5pm (or by appointment)
Central Saint Martins - UAL, University of Lisbon
photography, installation, video-art, performance, conceptual


opening: Wednesday 21 November 2012, 6 to 9pm (film screened at regular intervals, duration 45 mins)

“First we draw a circle, then there is this kind of rupture, a simple move, line of flight, these things aren’t happening in a sequence, they’re constantly happening all at the same time, but this paradox is how do you draw a circle around something, and why is it necessary to draw a circle? You can play with these lines of course, then to what point it dissolves? To try to illustrate it I may try to dissolve the walls, that’s why sound is so important, because it escapes, it doesn’t have respect for boundaries. How do you work with subjectivities, or reform them, or rethink subjectivity? How do you rethink power, how does power manifest?” How is the body a microcosm of the institution?”

- excerpt from a conversation between Tatiana Macedo and A.S. at Tate Britain, August 2011

4 Windmill Street is proud to present the full UK premiere of Portuguese artist Tatiana Macedo's film debut Seems So Long Ago, Nancy (HDCAM | 45' | 2012). Shot on location at Tate Modern and Tate Britain, London over the course of three months, the film fluctuates between the subject of Gallery Assistant and the Neo-Classical and Post-Modern architectural spaces they occupy. As an aside from the curated program which surrounds them and the visitor service role they are uniformed and positioned to operate in; Seems So Long Ago, Nancy acts as a passive lens without a "countershot" (point of view shot), as if the gallery is looking from within. This introspection is compounded by chasmic moments of reverberation in background chatter met head on with equal moments of silence and contemplation.

Seems So Long Ago, Nancy made its premiere at Doclisboa ’12 International Film Festival, Lisbon, Portugal in October 2012 and extracts have also been screened at Tate Britain, London (2012) and SMBA – Stedelijk Museum Bureau Video Programme, Amsterdam, Netherlands (2012). The screening at 4 Windmill Street is accompanied by a supporting photography exhibition from the same series and a limited edition selection of production stills.

Tatiana Macedo (b. 1981, Lisbon, Portugal) studied at Central St. Martins College of Art (BA Fine Arts) and the Faculty of Human and Social Sciences, New University of Lisbon (MA Visual Anthropology). Lives and works in London, Amsterdam and Lisbon. Recent group exhibitions include Heide Hinrichs, Tatiana Macedo, Aldwin van de Ven, Tegenboschvanvreden Gallery, Amsterdam (2011), and Carpe Diem Art & Research, Lisbon (2012). Macedo was awarded an Experimental Film Grant from the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (2012), a Young Creators Bursary from the National Centre of Culture (2008/09) and a Travel Award by the Orient Foundation (2008). Her work is in international private collections.

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