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_____, 2012 Acrylic On Board 150 X 120cm © Asha Zero

15 Bateman St.
London W1D 3AQ
United Kingdom
October 2nd, 2012 - October 23rd, 2012
Opening: October 2nd, 2012 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

+ 44 (0) 20 7734 9283
Only open to the public during scheduled exhibitions however viewings of artworks may be arranged by appointment
graffiti/street-art, pop


Asha Zero will be exhibiting 16 meticulously painted acrylic works on board in London.

Zero’s work is as deceptive as it is honest, at first glance bearing the appearance of paper collage, but on closer inspection revealing careful and considered surface juxtapositions entirely executed in acrylic paint!

Not to be missed, also on view during Frieze art week.


By transitioning from the prosaic to the uncanny using anything from hijacked typographical topologies to dirty grunge-inspired textures, Zero puts a new spin on things. When viewed from a distance each painting appears to be hyper–realistic visions pieced together from found media blips. When each blip is appreciated for its individual, segmented surface qualities they display abstract expressionist tendencies, marking a seminal tabula rasa in the context of Modern painting, also evinced by Zero’s contemporaries, including Gajin Fujita, Takashi Murakami and Barry McGee.

Zero’s work is a blend of Pop art parody, Dada conceptualism, and pictorial illusionism. Zero effectively renders the heterogeneity of post-industrial urban life, fettered by the omnipresence of mass media, which Zero readily borrows from to construct detailed trompe l’oeil compositions. Zero’s stance suggests that ideologies are rendering agents for consumer society; presenting the bricolage as it stands, inspired by newspaper headlines, street art, posters, album covers, fashion spreads, and print ads.

numberrs is Asha Zero’s first London solo exhibition at the Pertwee Anderson & Gold, comprising fifteen new and painstakingly executed paintings. The exhibition opens on 2 October and concludes 23 October 2012.

An exclusive preview of numberrs will be held at 34FineArt in Cape Town on 11 September until 22 September. An extensive Exhibition catalogue will accompany the exhibition.

“These images are paintings, paintings made to resemble collages. Printed, pixilated, highly mediated, mass media images are translated into the medium of acrylic paint. I reckon I enjoy the “building blocks” nature of collage. It’s sort of like Dadaist lego.” – Asha Zero