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Conspiring in Silence, 2011 Oils & Acrylics On Canvas 50x50cm © Alan Rankle and Kirsten Reynolds

London N6 5AX
United Kingdom
December 7th, 2012
Opening: December 7th, 2012 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Other (outside main areas)
+44 208 340 6383
By appointment
mixed-media, installation, conceptual


24/8 was set up in London by Helen Brough with Architect Emmett Roepke in 2009. 24/8 is a multi-disciplinary office which specializes in creating conceptual architecture and art. This is the first in a occasional series of art exhibitions and events.



Helen Brough is a British painter, drawer, sculptor, and installation artist. Her awards include the Prix de Rome prize at the British school in Rome, and the Prince Charles travel scholarship. In 2004 she was awarded the Triangle residency for 6 months in DUMBO / Brooklyn, NY and also selected for the Triangle workshop and since 2005 has been on the Triangle Artist Association Board. Brough has been described as a multi-dimensional artist; an artist that uses a multitude of media to bring to life the vague cloudy remnants of dreams and illusions that occupy the hidden world of our unconscious. The imagery of the work can range from the predominately abstract as in the series Deliriously Urbane (oil on aluminium and prints on paper) to the more figurative as in the glass series Luminous that explore the multi-layering of glass with poetic calligraphic lines depicting fantastical botanical motifs and imagined lands.


Brough moved to London in 2009 and set up 24/8 with Emmett Roepke . 24/8 is a multi-disciplinary office which specializes in creating conceptual Architecture and Art. The collective work that 24/8 produce is programmatic with an objective of site specificity and is initially generated from comprehensive outlined and diagrammed criteria. Each project type undergoes a thorough and careful nurturing process of development to establish an exclusive connection with the users and how they interact with Architecture and Art.


Alan Rankle and Kirsten Reynolds are British artists whose works have increasingly found critical and public acclaim in a series of high profile international exhibitions. Kirsten Reynolds and Alan Rankle first worked together with Helen Brough on the 2008 exhibition Curious & Curiouser at Rebecca Kormind Gallery, Copenhagen. Invited by Fondazione Stelline in Milan to create an ambitious new series of works to accompany the 2010 retrospective of Alan Rankle's paintings, Rankle & Reynolds produced their first major show. Sponsored by the British Consulate and The Commune di Milano, the exhibition On the Edge of Wrong became a critical success with positive reviews and features in the Italian national press.


On the Edge of Wrong comprised jointly made paintings developed from themes in Reynolds’ seminal series of light drawing photographs. This series entitled Following Darkness saw Reynolds making long-exposure photographs drawing with a variety of light sources within a woodland setting at dusk. The locations of the photographs themselves were inspired by elements of Rankle's paintings and reflected concerns shared by both artists.


On the Edge of Wrong also included a series of remarkable paintings made by the two artists in response to Electro a second suite of Reynolds' photo-works in which the architectural and rhythmic aspects of drawing were explored within a dark, cavernous industrial space resulting in images of alarming visceral resonance and immediacy. The paintings inspired by these images, viewed by many as a triumph of collaborative gestural painting, were termed 'four hand painting' by the Italian critic Emanuele Bellufi. Two solo exhibitions followed at First Gallery, Rome; The Chelsea Brasserie, London; and the group show The Dance Card curated by Dan Howard-Birt at LIDO Projects, St. Leonards-on-Sea.


A commission for an eight-metre long lightbox installation for Kitts nightclub in London brought this exciting period of collaborations to a noteworthy close. In recent months both Rankle and Reynolds have concentrated on their individual pursuits. Rankle returning to his on-going Landscape Painting Project taking part in various curated museum exhibitions, and Reynolds continuing to find astonishing international success with her nocturnal sound and light installations as part of "Power Plant" at festivals in Sydney, Australia, Hong Kong and Hobart, Tasmania. A solo exhibition by Kirsten Reynolds Powerplant and Beyond was shown to much critical acclaim at Gallery B15 in Copenhagen during May and June May 2011 and was formed part of The Copenhagen Photo Festival. Alan Rankle has recently shown paintings in the inaugural exhibition of the Soho gallery Pertwee Anderson & Gold, at The Lloyds Club in the exhibition Iconoclasts and in two solo shows at Gallery B15 in Copenhagen and at James Baird Gallery, Newfoundland.