They Do Things Differently Here

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They Do Things Differently Here, 2011 Acrylic On Canvas 120 X 150 Cm © Julie Caves 2011
Place No. 2, 2010 Oil And Acrylic On Canvas 50 X 50 Cm © Julie Caves 2010
They Do Things Differently Here

Blackhorse Lane Studios
114 Blackhorse Lane Walthamstow
London E17 6AA
United Kingdom
May 26th, 2012 - May 27th, 2012
Opening: May 25th, 2012 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Other (outside main areas)
+44 (0)20 7253 2542
12pm - 4pm


Barbican Arts Group Trust is delighted to exhibit the latest exhibition of new work by Julie Caves at the ArtWorks Project Space, Blackhorse Lane, E17.

Julie Caves uses the compositional potential of colour to evoke a moment of understanding. She uses painting to investigate colour, because you can investigate the world with art as well as with science. The resulting paintings use colour to communicate directly, to delight and intrigue.
The paintings fall into two groups: the thick paintings and the spontaneous paintings. The thick paintings are made of layers and layers of paint, built up like the surface of the earth or like skin. The canvases have a history underneath, if you were to excavate into the surface like a geologist you would unearth the traces of alternate paths, earlier images and different stories. Some have been in the stages of completion for years. The passage of time is encapsulated in all that paint.  She often builds up transparent layers of colour that create a substantial structure to refract light and nearly bury the traces of decision-making. These have an element of mystery, of nearly hidden things; you must take a moment and really look. 
The spontaneous paintings are more lively and immediate and have colour relationships and mark making as the primary concerns. These are painterly paintings that feel bigger than the canvas. There is both a spatial complexity and a fluidity.  The colours seem to come alive; the relationship between two colours next to each other is like a new colour itself, a third colour.