Banner Making Workshop

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© Courtesy of the Artists and Hayward Gallery
Banner Making Workshop

Southbank Centre
Belvedere Road
London SE1 8XX
United Kingdom
June 19th, 2012 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

london bridge, southbank
44 20 7960 5226
Closed on 21 September 2015 for two years of essential repair and maintenance.


Hayward Gallery Room 2

In our age of social media and flashmobs, Jeremy Deller and Ed Hall discuss the irreplaceable value of hand-made banners, used in marches, demonstrations, commemorative displays and exhibitions. After discussing issues related to work in collaboration, with each other and with various social organisations, Deller and Hall lead a workshop in banner-making. This includes looking at different ways to work up design ideas and develop effective imagery for banners as well as aspects of their practical production.

Please note this is a full-day class.

Approximate duration: seven hours with breaks

Jeremy Deller (b.1966, London, UK) and Ed Hall
Describing himself as a 'self-taught conceptual artist', Jeremy Deller is an assembler of things and a 'stager' of events, orchestrating, curating and directing projects including films, processions, historical re-enactments, and exhibitions. Much of his work is collaborative and participatory, and many of his free-ranging, open-ended projects are explorations of a kind of folk or vernacular culture, or alternative ways of life. His recent Hayward Gallery exhibition, Joy in People, included banners designed and made by Ed Hall.

One of only a handful of banner makers working in the UK today, Ed Hall creates striking banners for trade unions, campaign groups and other organisations. He began making banners while working as an architect for Lambeth Borough Council, where he was also a trade union representative. His collaboration with Jeremy Deller dates from 1999, when Deller saw his work at the Lambeth Country Fair. Deller considers that Hall's work is a 'fantastic combination of the tradition of banner making with a contemporary subject.'