SFAI MFA FIlm Screening

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Aphasia © Courtesy of the Artist and SFMOMA
SFAI MFA FIlm Screening

151 Third Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
May 11th, 2012 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Union Square/Civic Center
San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI)
MFA, film, video-art, conceptual
Free and open to the public


SFAI presents a program at SFMOMA of works by graduating MFA Film students, offering an introduction to intriguing new filmmakers. From an experimental documentary about the Occupy movement to an animated short starring an otter and lemur living in a submarine, the films highlight the artists’ engaged and idiosyncratic approaches. 

“In the 21st century, it is our mandate to create groundbreaking, original, and hybrid storytelling,” says Lynn Hershman Leeson, Film Department Chair. “We are proud to screen works by students who incorporate the spirit of experimental cinema, which artists at the San Francisco Art Institute pioneered, into unique and compelling cinematic visions.”

Screening Program:

Eliane LimaAlbertine

Albertine is an experimental adaptation of the short story "The Crimson Curtain" by Barbey d'Aurevilly.

Rahn Kim 
• A Pre-Existing Condition  
Under the water, under the weather, under the spell of the most wide-spread, infectious, indiscriminate sickness: this is your first love.
• Game Over, Heartbreaker  
It's not all just fun and games, even for our little friends in arcade land.
• Otter & Lemur  
Away from the business of life, on an indefinite private getaway, Otter and Lemur are homemaking partners that get along fabulously. Not one boring day passes by when they have each other.

Kenneth ThomasThe Pathology of Civilization: Volume 04

The Pathology of Civilization engages artifacts of civilization corroded by the time and nature, echoed in burnt and deranged 16mm film cells and HD video. Both composed and chaotic, the lusciously dark images are embraced in an erupting dirge of dissonant sound and low frequency vibrations. The Salton Sea is a primary inspiration for this series.

Chulki ChoiWhere We Found Treasure 

Ryan WylieThe Body of Richard Baker

The Body of Richard Baker centers on a technical writer specializing in medical equipment manuals. Diagramming and writing instructions for industrial hospital equipment is his occupation; understanding his own condition is his obsession. In this ode to the mystery of the flesh, doctors rise to solve the riddle of The Body of Richard Baker.

Marynell MaloneyFree Meal 

Bubbles, sexy feet, chained dancers, poppy fields and raw meat: what have they to do with freedom? Tout est possible during a free meal. In this psychedelic Buñuelesque philosophical exploration of human bondage, mayhem and logic vie randomly. And since when is there such a thing as a free meal anyway?

Li ChenAphasia 

Aphasia is a language disability. This project—combining mostly photos and audio, but edited as a film—considers the Occupy Movement in America from a Chinese girl's perspective. On the surface, it talks about democracy in America, but it is talking about democracy in China as well.